Post Fri Mar 29, 2019 7:43 pm

Carrier Crew V5 and graphics anomaly on CVL

I haven't logged in for a while even though I check the sight often. I used to visit/log in to AAA before it morphed into AAS when I first started modding.

I haven't seen much posted in the way of HSFX for a long long time. Besides HSFX I have 4.13.4m installed.with FreeIL2Modding Mod activator with several mods installed. I recently installed vp_modpack because there is a group on Hyperlobby that flies this mod.

I have a common problem in all three versions. I have the Carrier Crew v5 mod installed. All of the carriers are populated, but there is one problem in all versions. There is a graphics anomaly with the USN CVL's and only the CVL's. The CV's and CVE's and other carriers are fine. At SAS PA_Jeronimo posted he had fixed the issue, but never showed what he did to fix the anomaly. I believe here at AAS he goes by Jeronimo and if so I hope he may check the site and see this and can provide an answer. If anyone else reading this post has the answer/fix it would be appreciated if they could post it.

Thank you.

I have received a lot of help here over the years and found a lot of useful information. If this site goes away it will be a very sad day indeed. :(