Post Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:43 pm

Egypt Campaign doesn't show ( UP 1.8 and MIG-15 )

I know I'm being annoying but something's wrong, I did everything the tutorial would say on how to set up the campaign, but the campaign I'm building about Egypt ( working with UP 1.8 ) it doesn't show up in the country's lists anyway.

Tried going through the campaign.ini
Tried to the campaign's folder
Tried to make sure the Info file would work properly

And everything the tutorial would say what to do, but nothing works either way, no matter what I tried that was listed on the tutorial, double-checked on everything and still a no go.

Another detail kindda tends to confuse me too, on the Egypt Folder, in the main campaign folder with the campaign.ini, it was said it flies on the Red side, but when I play on the FMB about Egyptian Air Force, the Egyptian flies on the Blue side, so I also want to know for sure. I found it pretty strange to see.

Of course, in this campaign, the player flies on the MIG-15

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong in there ??

Is there something I missed ??