Post Sun Dec 26, 2010 3:17 am

How to ask for 'HELP!'

Greetings to all.

Something that has been occurring with increasing frequency are users asking for help but not really giving any useful details.

I use the following post as an example......

Hello "Please help" I've scewd it up again which i have done many times & have fairly good at fix'n my own scew up's. But this is a new one on me i keep getting the CDT. I get though first part of loading ok but 2'nd part "landskape,aircraft ect,ect... i get to 100% then CDT. Sometimes it will let game load to menu but when i load a miss. or camp. as soon as it hit's 100% it will CDT does anybody know what i have done ? & how can i fix this bad case of user error ??? THANK YOU for taking the time to help me once again

As you can see, this individual is obviously having issues, but gives no real information to help us help him.
This section is now here to give you general bare bones guidelines for what we as admins, moderators and modders need in order to help you, the end user.

1. Problem description. (We absolutely need to have an accurate, concise description of the problem).

2. Actions taken so far to fix the problem. (Need to know what you have tried so we don't beat any dead horses).

3. Version of the game your are using. (Some problems are specific to certain installations).

4. A COMPLETE list of mods you are using! (We can't fix it if we don't have a clue of what might be broken).
    - The list needs to include both mods enabled via the JSGME as well as mods installed directly to the MODS folder.
5. A list of your system specs to include:
    - Operating System
    - Ram
    - Video Card
    - Location of the game directory
    - Size of the Windows H/D
    - Space available on the Windows H/D
6. Type of rendering you are using for the game.
    - OpenGL or DX
7. A listing of your confi.ini

8. List of graphics settings for your video card to include:
    - Anti Alliasing
    - Ansiostrophic filtering
    - SLI or Crossfire settings (If applicable)
    - Frame pre-rendering
    - etc

If you follow these simple guidelines, we'll be able to help you much more effectively.