Post Sat Jan 08, 2011 10:31 am

Trouble Kt_Syvari Map

Hi. :)
Any one please help me get Kt_Syvari map (summer) woorking? I get "error Load.ini" message on loading first misson in Campaine "Eastern Promis 1941"
Both whinter version´s loading fine in FMB but not summer. Thought I had same problem as AAS member Poltava describe in topic "viewtopic.php?f=125&t=28188 "
missing textures by Compans". Please have a look at Here I keep some images of my file structure for "Il2 UP2.0"
also images of "all.ini " file, content in "summer" folder with compans filses that I have uppdated. Think this one should be ok for this map?
As you can se in my images, I keep all my downloded maps in the Files/maps/ folder together with all.ini file where I put the text that goes or point to the map.
This case "Kt_syvari Kt_syvari/load.ini" for the summer version. All my DL maps works fine when located here both in campains, or when creating and saving new missions
in FMB etc. I do not have or use any "MODS/mapmod" folder for DL maps. They woork fine from Files/maps. I have tryed out the map from both DL links
provided in (Map)Kt-Syv Topic, with same result, do not think they corrupted.
Can not see why the KT-Syvari summer version should not woork?? Please help.. :)

Regards Odinone.