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P-38s of the 14th Fighter Group



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Post Sun Dec 11, 2011 3:02 pm

P-38s of the 14th Fighter Group

Hi, I am currently making a campaign for the US 14th Fighter Group. I have made 12 missions already, so still I have some 13 missions to go since I plan to have 25 missions altogether. The campaign will cover the whole assignment of the 14th FG - starting in North Africa in 1942, showing fighting over Italy in 1943-44 and Central Europe in 1945.

What I lack for my campaign is a good number of P-38 skins. Although I think I have all the skins available, I am not completely satisfied with them because they mostly are olive drab Lightnings of the early period of the war. I would love to have some silver ones too. Or more personalized planes as to make my campaign more varied.

So to the point, I would like to ask whether there is a willing skinner who would like to give me a hand? If so, send me an email to cracken79@gmail.com and we can talk further. I have all the needed colour plates in a *.pdf book.

If none volunteers, which is more likely, I will make the campaign anyway, do not worry. :D It is too interesting and too neglected subject that it really must be brought to life. :lol:

Found this book containing colour plates on the web. (page 48 on)

P-38 ETO/MTO aces




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Post Mon Dec 12, 2011 5:04 am

Re: P-38s of the 14th Fighter Group

Hi Cracken !

Very nice book, thanks for sharing ;o)

I wish you a merry X-Mas ;o)


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