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HSFX 5.0 ready for public distribution with dedicated server



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HSFX 5.0 ready for public distribution with dedicated server

HSFX 5.0 is out, fully compatible with 4.10.1

Download link for the torrent file (enclosed within a rar file)

Full Readme

Contents of read me without images.

Part I of read me

Installation Instructions for HistorySFX Version 5.0

1: Patch il2 Sturmovik 46 to Full 4.10.1 m
Detail : The HSFX 5.0, requires an install of Il-2 Sturmovik 1946, plus Patches 4.08 and 4.09 4.10 & 4.10.1.

No other previous Patches are needed. Version 5.0 includes all the HSFX developments from the beginning, plus the new content of version 5.0.

For user's with previous versions of The HSFX installed, the Version 5.0 Installer will replace the previous versions mods & files folders if present.

2 : If you downloaded IL-2 (Digital version), instead of installing from the CD, get update Patch.

Detail : If you have the digital download version of il2 Sturmovik 1946, and have not installed from the CD, you will need to download and apply this patch :-

SAS special patch :
You should do this, before installing HSFX V 5.0.

3. Download the Installer files.

Detail : The Version 5.0 Installer has been split into multiple 650 mb. Files. This has been done to reduce the possibility of file corruption when downloading. Also if a downloaded file is found to be corrupt, it reduces the size of the file that you must re-download.

The files to be downloaded are ;

HSFX_Version_5_0.EXE - 650 Mb.
HSFX_Version_5_0.W02 - 650 Mb.
HSFX_Version_5_0.W03 - 609 Mb.
Part2_Ver_5.EXE - 650 Mb.
Part2_Ver_5.W02 - 650 Mb.
Part2_Ver_5.W03 - 650 Mb.
Part2_Ver_5.W04 - 34 Mb.

You will need to place all seven files in one folder to run the installer, as they are in actuality one large file.

A small utility program, to calculate "hash sums" to verify the file downloaded, can be downloaded at - http://www.slavasoft.com/hashcalc/index.htm

Each of the files can be downloaded via the links below (links updated June 3, 2009) ;

The hash sums, used to check for a corrupted download, for this file are ;

MD5 -
CRC32 -

4. Point the HSFX v5 installer at your il2 Sturmovik 46 Installation directory and click Install.

The installation itself takes up to about 5 minutes depending upon your PC.

You do not need to manually activate the Part2 exe. This is utilised automatically as part of the install process.

5: Look on your desktop or in the il2 Sturmovik 46 folder for JGSME.exe

In JGSME you will see several options on the left. The important one is to enable is the

(apply it so that it moves from the Left window to the Right)


This is a ‘unified’ set of additions.

Providing all players use the same it is possible to play on servers with Checkruntime =2 enabled. So that we have security and also know that others are playing with similar set up.

IF you download & add other components or in other ways alter the content of your own install you will quickly no longer have an identical install to others (unless you are very systematic about it with your own installers etc.) and you will loose the ability to join missions there UNLESS you know what you are doing and can disable your additions when required.

If you play offline this makes no difference whatsoever anyway.

This remains a WIP and if you notice anything that it may be possible for us to improve or incorporate, please post on the relevant forum.

Our emphasis and focus is on WWII and close thereto, including 'everything but the kitchen sink' is certainly another approach (more valid in the early days) but there is a point when you have to define what it is that you do. If you try and be 'all things to all men' you generally achieve none of those things.



(you can get some different GUI languages now from AAS without affecting compatibility if you wish, so if you
wish to see menus in another language look around here :- index.php )


Readme’s detailed readme’s by the authors are contained in a new
HSFX V5 Tools & Read me's folder created during the installation in the il2 root folder.

Sound: -

This is a hybrid system but is most heavily based upon Tiger Sounds II, although very heavily streamlined, reduced and optimised to work Ok using default settings and Hardware acceleration. The engine sample sets are now composed of a larger number of (smaller) samples so the engine state/rev bands are far more differentiated than before. These Samples were mostly Tigers but reduced to 2s loops, which is the il2 default.

Tiger introduced a couple of great innovations: -

In game it is to set distance restrictions for external sounds and this helps to stop 'Sound radar'. You are unlikely to hear an enemy aircraft unless it is very close.

A fundamental problem with a flightsim is that you don't experience the same kind of feedback that a real pilot does. Its impossible obviously to recreate this, however sound can be used more effectively to do this than it has been so there has been a conscious effort also to expand upon this aspect with new sounds for new functions and more Stress and G force related sound cues.

Huge thanks to Tiger and the original team (Josse coding ?) that made TigerII sounds. (and RollnLoop for his input also with us in relation to this a while ago). Also to Freddie for the breathing effect and some of the extra G cues.

Note:- In cockpit sound may at first be pretty loud if you are using settings from a prior installation of HSFX. Turn down the general sound volume a little and all will be good.


Graphics: -

Recommended that you enable S3TC compression in your graphics card setup.

Launch il2 Setup, select Video tab, Choose Custom. Check ARB texture compression box and then select S3TC compression.

The mods have increased the amount of textures and their sizes considerably and this really helps those with older PC’s and graphics cards to avoid a CTD during mission loading or game launch on a few of the very texture rich new maps.


HSFX v4 gives the user a few options depending upon preferences and Hardware:-.
We have used JGSME to do this as its simple.

To turn ON any of the below options :-
start JGSME
and move from LEFT to RIGHT :-

To turn OFF any of the below options :-
start JGSME
and move from RIGHT to LEFT :-


Highly recommended that you try this.

Developed for SEOW but the same changes should be universally applicable.

This Switcher Option activates Aachens FULL FM's. (see full explanation below)

Custom ini's (see below, Ground and Ships) reduce load and we believe, make the ground and naval war more realistic. Tanks, Guns & Infantry perform more efficiently and historically in relation to each other. Outcomes of Naval battles are more as you might expect them to be, naval AAA uses effective rather than maximum ranges.
Ranges are usually less and reload times longer, so you can have more objects in missions or you can turn up the RoF settings.

The blast radius of larger Kilo bombs are equalized out so that IJN and Soviet bombs display similar blast characteristics to LW ordinance. (Not sure why they should have been so radically different, the power is similar, but the blast radius were radically different for the same amount of explosives.

Because this is its own unique net version we were able to enable a few extra opening Canopies for this option as the incompatibility that creates the smoke bug should not arise.

This is NOT compatible online with the Stock Game (you will not be able to join), it effectively turns HSFX into its own Net version. You will not be able to join Stock games with it, and stock games will not be able to join you. Host and Client both have to be running this Option with its own HSFXv5.0 net version to use this compatibly Online.

This Option allows us to explore a lot of new options without compromising the stock game, Oleg's FM's or the online community.

( note : If you drag the buttons or other files from this into your stock game version piecemeal because you like a specific FM etc, you will get a no boot.
This is deliberate. )
Perfect Map Textures

Beautifully retextured versions of most of il2’s default maps by VpMedia, LAL_Rhone and Gilb57 (winter Textures) and Slade (Russian maps).

These look lovely. And if your PC can run il2 in ‘Perfect’ graphics mode, it is definitely worth using this option.

If you use this option and don’t play in ‘perfect’ you may possibly experience imperfections & little glitches on some of the maps.

If you don’t use this option your game remains compatible with others who are running the textures but the older maps will look ordinary.

6do MOD for TIR users (Shr)

Allows 6do in il2.


Carrier_Takeoff_5_4 (fireball)
HSFX5.0 see's the very welcome return of Fireball with a comprehensive update of what many regard as one of the 'must have' mods.

See read me

This alters the carrier line up sequence and allows a lot more aircraft to start on carrier decks.

This is separate from the Catapult aspect which is always on whether this is enabled or not. (It’s a mission file parameter and so is very highly tuneable anyhow)

Stock 4.10.1:-

In normal circumstances just disabling all of the options with JSGME (moving to the left side) should return you to stock 4.10.1

If all else fails try this Switcher. (NoCD exe included).

Tiger's Flybys

Included but in a very stripped down form. These can be pretty spectacular when watching tracks or in external views (press F3) for Flyby.

For sound synchronisation of flyby's set your config.ini to:-

[HookViewFly Config]

For maximum sound quality with flybyes you could add Tiger's original loose Flyby samples. (only the flybye samples & presets, the code etc is already contained in HSFX )

(For CRT checks, then the client and host must both have flyby's set to the same setting with jsgme (ON for all or OFF for all) It is better to leave as much as possible optional. Flyby's are great for offline, watching tracks or making movies, but they do use resources and some people have no use for them (or may not like them.)

Sounds Default:- (SAS_Cirx)

Reverts il2 to Stock sound. But still allows you to use all of the other content and should be CRT compliant

Effects Low:-

Reverts il2 to simple stock graphical effects (smoke, explosions etc )

Hakenkruz enabler (Brigstock)

Simple and self explanatory switcher option so as not to offend or upset in some countries.

Content in HSFX V 5.0

Game performance increases

SFS Files

I think we demonstrated pretty conclusively the advantages of this format in V4 +.
We continue to expand upon our previous work because there is no need to 're-invent the wheel' is there. The last two years during which many many of you have used hfx SFS archives, in one pack or another, speak louder than words.

Naming convention:-

Non Stock Aircraft/Ships/Vehicles/ Loadouts are all denoted by a *


GUI changes

Old style IL2 Sturmovik game menus. (Fly Zo)


128 Player co-op (FC)

This version includes the code that allows up to 128 players in an on-line coop mission. The actual number of players that play without excessive lag and micro pauses, etc. depends on the performance of the server that is hosting the coop.


Hidden Co-op Slots 2.4 (UF_Fernand)
Hidden Coop Slots 2.5:- UF_Fernand

Add the following to the bottom of the mission file. (Server is important if the missions run on dedicated co-op servers.)

The other names should be relevant to the squads/groups that fly the mission.

Server 29Sqn R IAF (etc etc red groups)
JG27 22GCT B 6s (etc etc Blue groups)

Players without any of the above will not see any aircraft at all.

Missions without [MODSLOT] etc at the bottom are not affected by this at all.

Look at the 4.10 DF read me for the conf.ini server parameters available in 4.10 to disable various items in the in game Score table (eg Aircraft players are flying etc)

Bomb Bay Doors + 2.5 (Fireball)

Rewritten by Fireball for 4.10.1 & HSFX.

Players need to assign a key to open their Bombay doors and also can control a number of other functions not usually available.

Also adds a variety of new Server defined views (which are incredibly useful.)

This version incorporates Fireballs HUD alterations also so that you can define speed and altitude units that you see displayed initially with an conf.ini entry.

See enclosed HSFX_BombBayDoors_for_4.10_README.txt.


Ai V3.0 (Certificate)

An improved version of the AI routines for the AI controlled aircraft.

This has had to be modified a fair amount to incorporate 4.10 routines and also HSFX specific aircraft but we hope it does justice to Certificates work.


Carrier Catapult Mod (Fireball)
See Carrier Takeoff read me.

You don't need to have CTO on for this to work, it is there by default.
But you have to add the correct parameters to your mission file to enable this.

Taxi forward to the catapult track. Put chocks in and you will snap to the catapult track.
Throttle up and deploy flaps etc, when you release chocks the catapult will fire you forward.


Radar for Ground and ships (Maraz, Manu & 4Shades)
See SEOW read me. This is a seow specific feature.

This allows placement and operation of working Radar networks within missions.

For ground networks you have to place Radar chain High and Radar Chain Low stationary objects or ships with working Radar, ( all Carriers, Cruisers and Battleships + later US Destroyers) into the mission and then the

RadarControl SEOW (Early Type)
RadarControl Late SEOW (this type is more accurate 44 +)

for the Host.

Data is then output to the Radar display pages of the SEOW mission planner.

(Contact us for extra details, several folders also have to be manually added.)


Ship damage Logging (Shades , FC, Mrz, Fireball)

Outputs damage to ships and new speeds due to damage to the Log file so that SEOW can parse cumulative ship damage & Speed reductions between missions.

(seow feature...although any other 3rd party system could make use of this with a simple eventlog parser. Damage can be applied between missions then reflected later with a simple reduction in speed and ROF )


Factory Plates

New invisible circular ‘plates’ to represent factories. (show up in red in the FMB to help positioning but are invisible in missions) These also output cumulative damage to the Log file for SEOW to parse .

Strategic damage no longer need be defined by ‘brittle’ point targets (trucks) ...you will have to identify target areas realistically and then drop large quantities of bombs on them to destroy them !.

These work fine in any context, the large ones are Tough ! (An extra seow feature is that they do output damage to the event.log, although any other 3rd party system could make use of this also with a simple eventlog parser. )


Wingtip smoke altitude (fireball)

Toggling Wingtip smoke now also outputs Altitude to the eventlog.

This is to make the reconnaissance system in seow more realistic, but again any parser based system could utilise it.

Creditation ( a foreword) :-

This in some cases is becoming EXTREMELY complicated.

Many things by now have involved large numbers of people over time and the improvements have been incremental. What we may now have in many cases bears absolutely no resemblance at all to earlier incarnations, however those involved early in the process were integral to where the whole thing has got to now, take them out of that progression and there may well not have been a 'now'.

So if possible we will try to list those involved in the progression as well as those directly involved with the most recent versions of some work.

Also over time, tracking who did what and where everything came from becomes very complicated. So apologies to anyone that got overlooked, it certainly is in no way deliberate. We try to give full credit to the best of our knowledge. We have also included specific read me's etc wherever it is stipulated or sensible to do so in folder created within the il2 root directory.

We do not in any way claim anybodies work, what we have done is simply to put it into its native format, update and make compatible with new il2 versions as/when necessary and make it freely available again in this new format.

Why do we do this ? Because the squads, groups and individuals that are involved in many of the events that we like to participate in do not consist of people that are necessarily that technically adept with mod installation. It would have been inconceivable to get everybody to the same point to play the kind of events that we have played unless we had done this. Some of the features included now also are pretty complex and are reliant upon a combination of other things being present. Not all that many people would be able to do this. Il2 'modding' is becoming more complex and more specialists.

The spin off is that this may also be useful to many others who do not have time or wish to learn about the 'mod' world but enjoy all the benefits of that world.

In many ways the same can be said about SEOW. Because you don't play it does not mean that you don't benefit from many of the 'innovations' that come from the kind of microstudy of ‘combined arms warfare' that come's from seow. The EXPERT Mode switcher option is the culmination of this and we think it makes for a much better il2 experience however you choose to play il2. (Please try it and see what you think.)

Better still, take the plunge and get involved in some seow events themselves.

If you like to fly offline campaigns, seow is as close as you can get to it online but all of those aircraft can have real pilots...and there are real people planning the naval and ground war, production and strategy and tasking your missions.... (It might even be you that does the tasking after a while.)

Visit SeowHQ :- http://www.seowhq.net/


AI Planes that are now Flyable.

MS 400’s
Me 210’s
B17 D,E,G
B5N2 Kate & B6N2
Bf110 C4 & C4B
Blenheim MkI & IV
DB3 Russian medium bombers
G4M2 and Okha
Gladiator MkI & II
Ki21 I & II
Macchi 200 Mk I & 7
Mosquito MKIV
Nemen R10
SB2M-100 & 103

Originally made flyable by PeaceLovinHippy & Lt.Wolf

Almost all of these have been extensively reworked by other modders and by the HSFX team. il2 itself has changed and what it is possible to do now is much greater than what it was then. However this was groundbreaking work.


Early Aircraft :-

Beaufighter Mk X
B29 Silverplate
Bf 110 G4
FW190 A3
FW190 D11 & D13, 1945
Spitfire MKI
Spitfire XII
Spitfire XIV’s
Hurricane Mk IID
Mosquito XIV

Above by: -
Mr Jolly
Zeppo & Vpmedia
Fatduck & DrJones

(Plus sometimes….Waggle Flushy, Zorin, Howlin)

P36 A2 & Mowhawk IV
PBN5 Catalina
Fw190 A7’s

by LAL_Josse

Tempest Series 1 & 2
These are ‘hybrids; of Josse’s Load outs, Ranwers sliding cockpits.

109 F1
190 D5 /Torp,3
I-15 M-22, 1934 & I-15 M-25, 1937 = Early fixed wheeled I15's.
I-16 Type 10, 1937, I-16 Type 17, 1938, I-16 Type 18 (2xBS), 1939, I-16 Type 27, 1939,
I-16 Type 28, 1939
Yak7 Bubble top
Yak 3N
Yak-1 PF, 1942
Yak-1 PF Light, 1942
Yak-1B early, 1942
Yak-9M early, 1944
Yak-9U early, 1944
La-5F early, 1942
Yak-9DD, 1944
MiG-3 field mod, 1941
Hurricane IIa, 1940
Spitfire Va, 1941

All by Blitz & Chameleon (Aviaskins Russia)

Lagg Series 1, 1941
Lagg Series 11, 1941

All by By_Rudi

SeaHurricane 1b & IIc

By Maus

New Bf 110 variants
C1 C7,D, E, F

By SAS_Cirx (fm’s by EnsignRo )

Bf109E1 & E3 (Veltro) (Cannon canopy updates)
Spitfire Vc Fb’s ‘’
SpitfireVIII FB’s ‘’
Cr42 Bombe Aleri ‘’
Seafire MKI & II.’s (updated versions) (Veltro & Gitano)
Original Bf109 F2B & F4FB classes. (Veltro & Gitano)
Hurricane tropical versions (GCT_Veltro )
Bf109's G4 & G2t,G4t & G6t (tropical) versions.
(Cannon:- Tropical filter )

TBM-1 Avenger, 1942. ( 6S.Maraz , Josse, _1SMV_Gitano , char_aznable)
Ju88C6 Dayfighter (Importation & java 6S.Maraz )

DH82A TigerMoth (Ranwers & Kumpel)
(Note This aircraft is for Fun, it does not have a fully developed DM so not recommended as an online flyable)

RWD8 2.0 (Ranwers)

Mosquito VI Coastal Command
Halifax B MkIII (Ranwers) Halifax thoroughly reworked for HSFX V5.0

Yak7Uti (Ranwers, Blitz & lefty)

B24J with full load outs (EnsignRo)

Recon 109’s (DZZ)

Miles Magister M14 (RAF_Magpie)

P2V5 Neptune
F9F2 Panther
Stinson L5 Sentinel (Flatiken)

Blenheim IVF (WTE Newy)

New aircraft from the UI 1.2 and 1.2.5 :-





B17 Flying Fortress (improved load outs)





Flatiken/ 2bits /highlander_262 /GAEv Squadron
GJE_52 /Mathaus /PeterD /stu /US_GRANT

F86 A5
F86 F
F86 F25L
Mig 15bis
Mig 15Late
Mig 17 late

PeterD /Lieuwe /Flakiten /Fatduck /DrJones / Kumpel - (Mig 17 modification- Ranwers)

Mosquito TseTse

Original3d Prangster
3d Monguse (Zorin Max guidance)
Code Bury/Monguse
Zorin Max Consultant

More Recent new additions and revamps:-

Me262's new variants and updated 3D

Additional thanks to Cirx, Sani, GJE52

PZL23B & PZL42
Polish Bombers used quite extensively during the Polish campaign


P_11f I.A.R. P.11f, 1936

New Hungarian built (I.A.R) version of the P11


RWD-10 RWD-10, 1937

Beautiful little Polish trainer aircraft


Bf-109F-0 Bf-109F-0, 1941
Bf-109F-3 Bf-109F-3, 1941
Bf-109F-4Z Bf-109F-4/Z, 1942

Bf-109G-1 Bf-109G-1, 1942
Bf-109G-3 Bf-109G-3, 1942
Bf-109G-5 Bf-109G-5, 1943
Bf-109G-5AS Bf-109G-5/AS, 1944

AI Ace Galland included.

Anton & JapanCat (3d). This 109 work is far more comprehensive than just the new aircraft as it also involves 3D updates and corrections to all of the existing 109's also.
Very detailed and extremely precise.

Note : relevant 109's will display Tropical Filters if used in the desert once in game, the Trop versions have reduced ATA though to reflect actual performance.

Early Bf109's.
Complete set of Pre-war 109's very useful for Spanish Civil War/early WWII scenarios.

Bf-109B-1 Bf-109B-1, 1936
Bf-109B-2 Bf-109B-2, 1937
Bf-109C-1 Bf-109C-1, 1938
Bf-109D-1 Bf-109D-1, 1938
Bf-109D-1Late Bf-109D-1 Late, 1938

By SAS_Cirx, JapanCat (3d) & Ala_ManofWar (skins)

S-199 Avia S-199, 1947
Czech built 109's best known for their role in the Israeli War of independence.

By Blitz

Hurricane Pack:-

Hurricane MkI early Hurricane Mk.I early, 1938
Hurricane MkIIbB Hurricane Mk.IIb Hurribomber, 1941
Hurricane MkIIb ModDZZ Hurricane Mk.IIb VVS modified
Hurricane MkIIcT Hurricane Mk.IIc Trop, 1941
Hurricane MkIV Hurricane Mk.IV, 1943

Anton and JapanCat , DZZ

A6M2-21_Late A6M2-21 Late, 1943
A6M3-32 A6M3-32, 1942
A6M3-32kai A6M3-32kai, 1942 A6M3's that are carrier capable!
A6M3-22 A6M3-22,1942
A6M3a-22ko A6M3a-22ko,1943

Ki-43-III-Ko Ki-43-III Ko,1944


J2M3-21 J2M3-21, 1944
J2M5-33 J2M5-33, 1944 With opening canopies.
N1K2-Ja-21a N1K2-Ja-21a. 1944

JapanCat (3D) and revamp's of Old TainanKosho versions. ( TK gave us express permission to include material at one point..) then they withdrew it. So further additions and updates are purely JapanCats 3d work. The Zeros' require new skins but look superb so its worth it.

J7W1 J7W1, 1945

Spitfire MkXVI's

By F22_Raptor and the Aviator team.
Late war Bubble canopy Merlin engine Spitfires with a lot of ground attack ordinance options.

Spitfire MkXVIe Spitfire L.F. MK.XVIe, 1944
Spitfire MkXVIeCLP Spitfire L.F. MK.XVIe (CW), 1944
Spitfire MkXVIe25 Spitfire L.F. MK.XVIe 25lbs, 1945
Spitfire MkXVIeCLP25 Spitfire L.F. MK.XVIe 25lbs (CW), 1945


T6_Texan T6 Texan, 1946

Well-resolved T6 very useful for Korean era operations.
Beowulff and team:-

Mig 3 3D Updates

Really uprated 3D for almost all of the Migs (they really needed it !)
These are many, many times better, the only drawback is that decals are no longer displayed (except by default on the USSR versions).
(Opening Canopies in Expert Mode Only)

Molva - 3D-model
Ivan750 - 3D-model, template, skins and textures, testing
Nachprod - skins and textures, testing
Ilyshin - armament, testing
KarabasBarabas - advice on 3D and export classes, FM, testing
deSAD - counselling, testing
Epizikl - testing, assembly production



New Cockpits & retexturing: -

Hurricanes & Spitfires (Avala)

PBY & Catalina (Ranwers)

Il2’s & Mig 3’s (Mangas ?)

F3F3 F3F4 FM2
Fiat G50
A20’s (All positions)
Beaufighter Cockpit
PIIc (Tyrl)

Mosquito (Fly Zo)

Ju88 (bolox )
Bf110 gauges

P47’s (Taurus & Poncho)

F6F Cockpits retextured. (Fly Zo)

i16 Cockpits
il2 Cockpits
Yak & La Cockpits (Mangas)

i153 (Bee)

U2VS Cockpit (AAA_Kumpel, Ranwers, Mr Jolly )

Fw190’s Capt Flushgarden originally. Reworked by C6_Claymore, Final Lightened Version for 4.10.1 by SAS_Cirx, reticles by nonwonderdog

The 109 cockpits

by Freddy. The Original Author
(complex) But there have been some very nice updates since by Cirx (Revi Dimmers), Der Werstenfurchs & C6_Claymore These are then considerably lightened and updated to 4.10 with some 3d correction and simplification to stop the light shining through canopy frames. All of the non stock versions have opening Canopies.

F86 & Mig 15/17 Freddie (separated by Cirx and Anto)

Ju87 & He111 (der-blaue-max)

Ki61 (mane, updated by SAS_Cirx)

Zero Cockpits (Der Wurstenfuchs, TK)

Ki-84b & c (200th Sakagawa)

GB Gladiators (Chap)

Tiger Moth & Magister Cockpits (Ranwers)

B24 Cockpit & new cockpit positions (Ranwers) but with a HSFX makeover

Blenheim's Ranwers with 3d by messer. Reflecter sight & Top turret by WTE_Newy. Reworked for HSFX v5.0

Halifax Ranwers, but thoroughly reworked for HSFX v5.0
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Re: HSFX 5.0 ready for public distribution

Part II of read me


Updated and Improved Aircraft:-

All AI aircraft made flyable have enhanced FM’s, usually this is just the addition of glide and stall characteristics and revised weight and wing area data wherever appropriate…although in some cases it has had to be more Exhaustive. (e.g. most of the 4 engine Heavies) We have also worked up the FM’s of some of the new 'mod' aircraft
when we have thought them to be wildly wrong. This is a constant WIP.

Bomber gunner positions correctly named in net code. 4.10.1 wounding java and Cockpit Damage added. Updated gunner cockpits in most of the AI made flyable bombers with guns of correct nationality, cleaner positions and more appropriate turrets in many
cases. Fire extinguishers added to the US heavies.

New version Hurricane, Tempest & SeaFury Canopies Open (Maus & Veltro)
Retextured P47 engine & wheels external (Thirdeye)
Bf110G4:- improved 3D and Schräge Musik sight. (Maggot & Slow)
Li2 Bombsight (BY_Rudi)

If we find something that could be better, we do it and it probably runs into thousands of items over the life of HSFX. There have been about 7 months of corrections and almost constant updates since 4.2b2 (never released) so more than a year since 4.1....it is just impossible to list all of that. (The HSFX team)


Gun sights & Mirrors: -

FW190 Bar removed (Fucida)
Spit Vc cockpit position lowered (Total spoon, Veltro & Gitano)
Zero cleaned reticules (Fly-Zo)
MkII gyro gun sight for Spits 44+ ( Mr Jolly)
Askania gyro gun sight added to Ta-183 ( Mr Jolly)
New Gun sights for P47’s (Poncho)
P38 Gun sight improved (Poncho)
Fw190 Tinted Revi’s (SAS_Cirx)
Updated US Reticles (NWD)

New Effects: -

High Rez oil blotch (Avala)
Fabian Fred :- a lot of early work on destructibility values and a variety of other stuff.
Gunfire flash Effects 2.1 (Vpmedia)
Improved Tracers (ZG2Rainer Zufall)
New Fire effects & Realistic Blackout (Fly)
Landing lights that no longer shine through wing. (nightshifter)
C6_Claymore also did a lot of work on effects with us also around the time of 4.1.
SAS HoyGrail, Potenz and the Plutonium Effects team have produced some very beautiful (and frame rate friendly) work recently also.
Full credit to you all.

Dimmed Fonts (Ivan)

Fonts are dimmer at night depending upon the lighting. Otherwise the text ruins night vision with the new darker nights. Nice little Fix.


New Default Skins:-

By Vpmedia, Kristorf, Mongoose, Tchaika, Imme, Greg Boyington, CanonUK, RONNCO & many more…?

New Default Pilot skins by Elephant


New Maps:-

Flight Test Map (Brian Bury)

ffb_Thailand (FabianFred)
LowerBurma (CzechTexan)
Darwin 1942-43 (Neil Lowe)
Midway (populated) (Panzerkeil)
Midway expanded (242Sqn_Cat)
Philippines 2.0 (Delvpier)
(Detailed Philippines location names) (352ndOscar)

Channel Map beta (Cannon)
Channel 1940-41 (Cannon)
Channel 1942-45 (Cannon)
Channel 1940-41 Winter (Cannon)
Channel 1942-45 Winter (Cannon)

Kt-Channel DF map (Kapteeni)

Finsgulf (Kapteeni)
Finland Online (Kt) (Kapteeni)
LAL_Normandy 43 & 44 (LAL_Rhone)
Slovakia Winter map (may-bug)
Slovenia (Zuti)
Gothic Line (Brigstock)

Italy, Greece, Africa (Redfox_69)
Sardegna (Redfox_69)
Malta (6S.Maraz)
CentreMed (6S.Maraz)
Libya NE (JV_69)

Sinai (delvpier)

Madagascar (Agracia)

El Alamein (Viking)

Taranto (6s_Maraz)

Mixx Zapolarre (Murmansk) (Mixx)
KhalkhinGoll Expanded (Mixx)

Rennel Islands, Santa Cruz & Truk Lagoon (Lonestar)

Palenbang 43 & 45 (ijeremiah)

Cartagena (Agracia)

Kiev (AP) versions with reduced river systems, good for SEOW.

352nd CrossChannel Map (352nd FG) see included Readme

Western Carolina's (Dave OD06)

Northern Spain 1936 (Jir)


Centmed Updated (150GCT_Mamakin,150GCT_Italo)

Aleutians updated (Agracia and Cat)

KTO updated (3BG)

Map Retexturing

Perfect map textures option (Vpmedia)
Moscow, Stalingrad, Provkharovkha, Kursk, Crimea, Kuban (Slade)
Beautiful Russian retexturing (Avia forums)

Some alternate Seasonal variants (Gilb57)
LAL_Kursk and LAL_Provkharovka (LAL_Rhone)
LAL_Crimea multiseasons (LAL_Rhone)
LAL Okinawa Map (LAL_Rhone)
Norway summer and winter (Gilb57)

Japan. Palau and Okinawa retextured both have new height maps so are available as new maps. (Redko)
MTO map (plus Lejo's building) (Redko)

Note :-

Cat has re-organised the way that maps appear:-

Stock maps are first in alphabetical order.

Mod maps are afterwards also in alphabetical order. These have an abbreviation that correlates to the Mapmakers nickname.

A few maps have been removed from the menu to save space, but they are available.
Go to il2 Sturmovik 46/ Files/Maps/ all.ini and move those you want to use above [all] below it. These are generally old and very rarely used online maps. Even with these names above [all] you will be able to load and play missions on these, you just won't be able to access them in the FMB until you move them.

242Sqn_Cat :- Coastal flattening and various other little corrections to improve the overall standard and make as many maps seow compatible as possible. Amounting to a lot of work in total, many thanks Cat !
(Unless specifically requested by the author's not to)

Stock Map Updates:-

Hawk5 Has corrected many Road and rail Networks & Bridges on many of the Original Stock Maps, Balaton (corrected version called SE), Kursk, Provkharovka, Stalingrad (plus Factory District added), Kuban.

Also a new map, New Guinea Expanded to explore Carrier Action better in the NewGuinea Area..

This should help make Columns and Trains perform as intended and does not affect compatibility etc in any way (or the maps have been separated.(e.g. Balaton SE))

New Map Objects:-

Bridges and Dessert objects (exported from TOW) (DLV).
Note:-Added damage boxes to the Houses and Camels but some of the other features do not have them.

Southern Mediterranean buildings (Lejo)
Dessert HousePack (Lejo)
Hanger pack 2.0, over 100 new buildings (LAL_Rhone)
Fortifications mod (LAL_Rhone)


New nations & Squadron:-

Gaston originally added a lot of new nations and some squadrons for many existing nations.

RA, ANR , SAAF, 12th & 15th AF OOB’s. (Veltro)
Updated VVS & LW formations (researched by Brandle)
Canadian and Full RAF & LW BOB OOB’s (Brigstock)
Polish Bomber Squadrons (Loku)

Israel, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Yugoslavia (HSFX Additions)

New nations * marking and editing nomenclature:- 102nd_YU_Devil

4.10 Introduced a lot of new formations to the stock game so we updated what we had to be fully consistent with the new alterations.
(Note:- this effects RAF formations before 100 and the entire OOB of the Italian RA. You will have to edit/update old missions if they contain earlier versions of formations for these nations.)
*** New nations and Squadrons are marked with a *
Only use the new nations and squadrons online when you are certain that all others also have them. e.g. the game is running in Expert mode.
On a 'mixed' mod friendly DF server always select default nations and known default squadrons ***



Ship pack 2: - Introduced a lot of new stationary and moving ships. (FC & Archie)
Char Aznable (Soldati)
Miker (Indomitable & reskinned Essex class)
Cat (IJNHiryu, Kaga & Soryu plus reskinned Akagi)

'J' Class DD, HMS Jupiter, HMAS Napier, Tribal Class DD, HMS Cossack HMS Nubian HMS Warspite

Beautiful New 3d Ship models & integration by Asheshouse, Skins and Artwork by David603.

Ice Breaker, Late War Hospital Ship, LCVP, LCM, LSD, LCT, LCT (Rocket)

Late war Allied amphibious capability expanded upon with some very well realised new ships by Flatiken.


Z class DD, Z87 DD, Pre War Gunboats, Paddle Steamer.

Lacota (Aviaskins)


CL 'Kuma' Japanese Cruiser
Skin by Emil


Seaplane Tender - Available as a stationary ship only. A kind of carrier for Seaplanes used by both sides in the Pacific. (coding by Fireball)

Aircraft will start in the water in a line abreast of the Tender.


In discussion with Asheshouse, we concluded that the Shipack menu is very clumsy, so although we have retained the menu and the early ships there for backward compatibility currently. All ships have been moved into the Ships menu also and you will find the latest ones there only. This allows mission builders to freely change between all ships in the FMB.

In the longer term we plan to drop the Ship Pack menu altogether but this gives people a bit of time to update their older work.

(Change the load string from Shipack.Ship to Ship.Ship in the mission file and you are current now and in the future).


Expert Mode Ship alterations:-

Some ship speeds altered and submerged submarine speeds reduced to a more realistic level.

Ships in il2's small calibre weapons had been given 'maximum' ranges rather than 'effective maximum' ranges which is the range at which they would actually open fire.

This created a lot of fireworks but also a lot of load.

Reduced 40mm AAA and Multi mounts to listed effective range of about 4000m's.
30mm to around 3000m's and lighter calibre to 1000-3000m's.
(using listed values from the Oerlikon & Hotchkiss (IJN weaponry was licence made Hotchkiss originally) factories from which all weaponry originated.

This creates a 'layered' defence. Check it out, we really like it.

Torpedoes given realistic reload times.

Reduced the number of firing guns on Aircraft carriers by about 25% (Carriers required escorts...in stock il2 we found a carrier would usually win in a gun exchange with a Cruiser! :-( ) Balanced up the Cruisers firepower between nationalities.
Also revised main armament that is ‘active’ so that DD’s are now equivalent to each other.

This creates less fire in actuality which allows more ships or higher RoF settings because a lot of the AAA opens up later and closer at their effective ranges.

Other alterations give more historical outcomes when ships engage each other in surface combat.


Tanks & Vehicles :-

Many new tank texture (Boser.)

New Tanks & 3d upgrades:-

Churchill IV and VII

Plus 3D upgrades of the majority of original Russian & allied Tanks,

Stug IV a panzer IV and VI also got the Wngflyr treatment (and new desert variants.)


New Howitzer and AAA models and also the new Pak 43 (there are a lot of these, if it looks great in the FMB and its Artillery, it’s by WngFlyr also!)

All of the above by Wngflyr. These are imported from freely available mods that were made for the 1c game ToW ..(I believe most were originally made by Zephyr ?)
However this import process is extreme to get them into il2 and it takes a hell of a lot of work. What Wngflyr has done is absolutely stunning.

Other new Tanks and vehicles:-

Renault F17
Renault R35
Hotchkiss H35
Vickers VI

Fiat M13
Fiat M15
Fiat M40
Fiat M42

Universal Carrier
Panhard 176
Sdkfz 'Puma'

Similar import process by HSFX Team.

German & Russian Trucks retextured (rofl)

New Vehicles
Fire Engine, Fire Tender. NAAFI wagon, RAF and new US Bus. Civilian
Trucks and Cars. Fiat Truck (LAL_Rhone)

New columns types for various nations, Engineers, Mechanised Columns, truck Columns and new Italian Columns included.

Extremely Tough coastal artillery emplacements.
Warning, the 15” guns can sink a Battleship !

Trains retextured. (LAL_Rhone)

Within the Expert Mode Switcher Option:-

Tanks, Cars and Guns:-

Formation Spacing, Command delay time, RoF, ranges and reload times are now products of a number of factors (e.g. Optics, Crew Number, Combat doctrine of nationality etc.)

Artillery is also edited to perform consistently with above.

Speeds reduced to 'operational' rather than maximum.
Armour values tweaked occasionally but these are pretty accurate for the majority of vehicles in il2 (with a couple of notable exceptions).

The above technics alterations improve playability and tend to reduce load so you can have a much fuller ground war without bringing a PC to its knees, and reflects better actual capabilities of the vehicles and guns in relation to each other.

Brandle, Warg , Petre and other avid wargamers over time.



FC (Idea & Initial classes and 3d) Delvper (TOW object conversions) and Chap (Development and il2/SEOW
integration & recent 3D) using some skins by LAL_Rhone.

Infantry types that move and fire.

These are pretty resource friendly. They do smoke and catch fire which is not really what they should do, but this looks ok from the air, as if a battle is in progress, but you probably won't want to make movies of it !

Moving infantry are available under the new Infantry option in FMB in 1, 2, 3 & 4's.
Stationary Infantry (entrenched or just stationary (like Artillery) are also available.
Entrenched versions are a lot tougher.

These will move and fire. At close range <100m's they will also use explosive weapons so they do have some Capability against Tanks and other hard armoured vehicles.


Think of Infantry as representational rather that ‘exact’, this is similar to almost any war game.

Infantry are tougher than they should be, it takes about 10 7.6mm shots to kill a base of 3. (but they cannot hide or use cover in il2 as they would in reality).

The follow on from this is that each group of 3 in game is loosely representational of about 10 men:-
4-XXInfantry is equivalent to a platoon.
3-4 X 4-XXXInfantry, a Company
9-12 X 4-XXXInfantry, a Regiment
36 X 4-XXXInfantry, a Brigade
100+ X 4-XXXInfantry, a Division
(it differs from nation to nation but you should get the drift.)

Firepower is representational also, the capabilities of the AT sections representing not only AT weapons, but other explosives like grenades, Satchel Charges and Light Mortars indigenous to almost all armies of this period in some form.


Jeep & Kubelwagen (Sani and Ranwers).

These are only available in the FMB, you can place them to takeoff from airfields OR you can place them as a WP at 2m's and lowest possible speed elsewhere.
The original versions have a problem with Bridges (they explode on contact)...We managed to make them ignore bridges so they no longer explode, but instead 'pass through'...but use of bridges is not an option as yet. These allow us to experiment with player FAC's. The AI cannot use these.

When you turn the engine off the eventlog outputs a Player landed event. (Fireball)


Target points markers:- (BBury with ideas from 4Shades & Cat)

New invisible point value markers available under stationary objects. Increase in point’s value from 25 to 500 pts and in toughness (and in their pyrotechnics when destroyed).
If you zoom in very closely in the FMB the corners are marked with a black and yellow triangle.

These make it possible for mission designers to give high points values to ground targets without having to use a load of trucks.....there are a lot of potential uses for these.

Updated Executables :- 72sq Iva

Included in the Read me's Folder. These really do improve performance but which one is right for you requires a little experimentation as it is System dependant.

Simply disable HSFX and replace the exe in your jsgmemods switcher. The exe included as standard is 356 because we found that it was pretty solid for almost everybody, however a computer that could only use this would be pretty old by modern standards but we have to try and cover most possibilities.
Exe Icons, interim installers and AI attack AI Ground target range increase :- Squog & Mako.

Mission naming:-

The underlying il2fb.exe is Russian although all of the menus have been changed to English (or whatever you chose under language).

For this reason if you wish to play old missions you must rename the mission properties files:-

briliantmission.properties would be your mission.

Change the missions properties files to:- brilliantmission_ru.properties and you will then get the briefing back.


Offline and Dgen Campaigns:-

This time we did not include a load of edited Dgen campaign files etc. There are many of these available from Mission4Today Website if you want to find some. These are always going to be much more up to date and with much fuller authors write ups than we could possibly ever keep up with.

There is a drawback unfortunately:- modded il2 is based upon the Russian version of il2 so you will find that campaigns and nations/ranks etc may show up in Russian.

There is fortunately a simple way around this.

In your conf.ini find


add en to get english (english language properties files already included).

You can do this for other nationalities that il2 supports too eg fr or de

BUT you (or somebody you know) has to create those language versions by copying the existing properties files in il2 Sturmovik 46/files/i18n/ , and adding for example the _fr subfix (and then of course you can finally and properly translate all of the menu option to your chosen language ! :-) ) :-

e.g. il2 Sturmovik 46/files/i18n/ weapons_fr.properties would give you the weapons in full in your menu’s in french if you translated the file.

This is the 'native' way to do this rather than to edit the Russian files...and it has the advantage that much of it is already there in the stock game.


Additional Downloads:-

Download FULL 4.09 skins.

It is really worthwhile getting this part of 4.09. It adds a lot to the game.


Aachens Flight Models

A little Background:-

Aachen is a professional Aircraft design engineer, we were not sure if we wanted to go in this direction at first, but were so impressed by how much closer to what we have read flying some of these aircraft and fighting in them has come, that it was inconceivable to go back.

We hope that you share the views of the many 'test-pilots'. You retain a choice still anyhow. Using the full work is strictly optional.

In Stock Configuration Oleg's Flyables are all Stock (by Oleg or TD) although all new aircraft * that Aachen has worked on have his FM's also.

In 'Expert Mode' All of the aircraft below use Aachens FM's.
We have altered the Netcode and the encryption for this mode, so that players cannot use the modified ‘Stock’ FM’s on stock servers.

Those that play online require very reasonably that everybody is playing with the same.
Expert mode is to protect this desire.
List of modified aircrafts

The complete list of planes modified is as follows:
E1, E1B, E3, E3b, E4, E4B, E4N, E7, E7N, E7NZ
F2, F2B, F2trop, F4, F4B, F4trop, F4Z
G1, G2, G2trop, G3, G4, G4trop, G5, G6early, G6Erla, G6Late, G6Mid, G6trop, G10, G10C3, G10Erla, G14, G14early, G14AS
K4, K4C3, K6, K14

A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A5-165, A7, A7sturm, A8, A9
D9, D9late, D11, D13

G55, G55late, G55-ss0, G55-ss0late

MC200, MC202, MC205, MC205V

P51B, P51C, P51CM, P51D20, P51D20NT, P51D25, P51D30

P40B, P40C, P40E, P40E-M-105, P40M

P38J, P38J10LO, P38J15LO, P38J25LO
P38L, P38L5LO, P38Llate

P47D10, P47D22, P47D27, P47D27late

The modifications of flight and engine models presented in this work have started with an analytical evaluation of aircraft performances. In the following paragraphs a short description of the methodologies adopted in the analytical study can be found, specifically for the evaluation of aircraft polars.
Wing and tail polar
Are computed by adopting lift line theory (Weiselberger) using non linear section lift data (J.C. Sivells, R.H. Neely). Compressibility effects are taken into account. Normally, lift distribution, finite wing Cy and Cx computed are in very good agreement with computations performed according to DATCOM method (ref. E. Torenbeek, Synthesis of subsonic airplane design). This is due to the fact that studied aircraft configurations are un-swept and have high aspect ratios.

Figure 1 – Lift coefficient distribution on half wing span (Bf109G2 at SL 530km/h). Cyan line is result computed with iterative method (NACA Report 865) while yellow line is result computed with DATCOM method

Figure 2 – Lift coefficient distribution on half wing span (Bf109G2 at 1000m 250km/h 2g level turn). This condition illustrates the determination of stall-limited turn rate (in this case stall is incipient at 0.6 x half-wingspan). A tolerance of 0.05 g has been used to predict ultimate wing load factor for both stall-limited and power-limited turn rates.

Fuselage polar
Drag computation for fuselage has been performed by using slender body formulation (ref. E. Torenbeek, Synthesis of subsonic airplane design). Lift induced drag is accounted for in the computation. Formulation for fuselage lift induced drag is given in referenced document.
Propeller performance computations have been performed by means of blade element theory. In the present document, since no detailed description of propeller blades was available, the blade section has been assumed to be a flat plate. Optimal propeller (i.e. blade twist) has been computed in the condition of 100% throttle at sea level. Hence the propeller has been analysed for all beta angles in the range specified in EMD (propPhiMax and propPhiMin) at maximum propeller revolutions (constant rpm propeller), thus obtaining propeller efficiency curve at full power rpms.
It should be noted that the assumption made on blade section leads to under-estimation of propeller efficiency (up to 5% at maximum speed) thus leading to a conservative estimation of aircraft performance.
Propeller slipstream
Is computed using blade element theory adopted for propeller performances estimation. It is worth mentioning that actuator disc theory produces very similar results in terms of slipstream velocity and mass flow rate. This is due to the fact that considered propellers have low loading factor. For the purpose of this study the complete fuselage, radiators (under-wing and under-fuselage), inner wing section and tail assembly are considered to be completely inside the propeller slipstream. The inner wing section area enveloped by propeller slipstream has been computed considering the propeller radius/wing span ratio. This assumption leads to a slight over estimation of wing drag since propeller slipstream tube has a contraction after the propeller (about ¼ - ½ of propeller radius downstream of propeller) to its final radius.
Small summary of modifications – Aircarft polars

dCl/da has been evaluated according to the following formula:

Cla = f Clath /(E+Clath/(p AR)) [rad-1]

where Clath is the 2D section lift coefficient derivative and E=1+(2 TR)/(AR (1+TR))

Drag coefficient second derivative has been evaluated according to the following formula:

d2Cd/da2 = Cla2/(p AR e)

Second derivative of drag coefficient has been corrected with twist factor.

Clmax has been computed by computing Cl spanwise distribution and assuming linear spanwise variation of 2D section Clmax (ref. example figure below):

Bf109 slats
Bf109 slats has been treated as follows:
according to literature (R&M 2361 [sept. 1940]) slats open at Cl approximately 0,85-0,95. Second order Cd derivative for complete wing with slats deployed is computed at 5,3E-4. In the following figure the Cd as function of a is reported.

Since it is not possible to impose the Cd jump corresponding to slat open condition, the Cd is simulated with a second order derivative of 5,8E-4 with 0,8? offset (ref. figure below).

This approximation limits the error in Cd estimation within +5% immediately before and -5% immediately after slat opening. Error tends to 0 moving away from slat openin threshold.
P51s CoG

In the models presented in this work, the P51 CoG position has been moved forward to replicate the position of the CoG in the configuration with 25 gallons in the 85 gallons fuselage fuel tank. From literature data the CoG for P51D configuration with 25 gallons in the 85 gallons fuselage fuel tank is 28.3% MAC. The P51s with full 85 gallons fuselage fuel tanks were statically unstable and the normal operating procedures for planes in such a configuration demanded to empty the 85 gallons fuselage fuel tank before all other tanks. At anything below 35 gallons, the P51s equipped with 85 gallons fuselage fuel tank were both statically and dynamically stable [America Hundred Thousands et al.]. Since the simulator does not allow for CoG movement with regards to fuel usage, and since the unstable configuration reproduced in the original models was deemed too conservative, it has been decided to adopt a statically and dynamically stable configuration as normally happened during combat operations. It is advisable to adopt a maximum fuel load of 75%.

P47D27 Late

In the models presented in this work, the P47D27Late has been modelled to reproduce (as best as technically possible) the flight characteristics and performances of P47M.


The author wish to acknowledge the following people and groups (the list is not exhaustive):

Monguse for the data on P38s, P40s, P47s and P51s;
150GCT_Pag and Bruno for the data on Macchi C.200, C.202 and C.205 as well as G55s;
6S_Maraz for valuable information and flight testing;
GSENN for testing and Il2Compare data;
gRiJ, 6S, 150GCT, 22GCT for testing and support.



242Sqn Prof


Special thanks:-

Oleg Maddox & the IC team.

Team Daidalus for 4.09, 4.10 & 4.10.1.

4Shades for giving us SEOW.

Play testers
Big thank you's to-

IAF & 102nd
Diavoli Rossi (6s)
22GCT, 150 GCT
Cat for all things map related
Aracno, Brigstock, PA_Dore, Ikea, Brandle, Warg.

SAS_Cirx not so much this time but overall
C6_RollnLoop & C6_Claymore, Vetrelut and IvanK for their Input with earlier versions.

Certainly many more people are involved than those I have listed. There is a lot of collaboration and cross co-operation necessary
to produce all of this work and it gets a little difficult to keep track.

To get more information and complete credits for most individual mods, you should visit

SAS forums :-












All of the work contained is based upon the code or other work of Oleg Maddox and IC games. Nothing that has been created would be of any use whatsoever without IL2.

It is all therefore ‘Freeware’ and we must be extremely grateful for the many people listed (and missed) that have devoted thousands of hours of their time to make such freeware and make such a project possible.

Most importantly, we have been able to put this compilation of work into a format in which you get the quality and speed that do justice to IL2 itself.

So….thank you again Oleg for tolerating the mod scene which made all of this possible.
I hope you don’t take too much offence to what we did to your lovely game.


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Post Wed Mar 16, 2011 9:46 pm

Re: HSFX 5.0 ready for public distribution with dedicated se

This is fantastic, I feel like a kid on X-mas day!

A million thanks to the HSFX team and all contributors :D


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Post Thu Mar 17, 2011 2:56 am

Re: HSFX 5.0 ready for public distribution with dedicated se

Hi Monguse,

Thank you very much indeed! 8)

Once I was relieved that I only have one or two IL-2 out of 4 on my computer....
Now I've got 6 or 7 of them.... :shock: ::))

Jambo :wink:


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Post Thu Mar 17, 2011 12:09 pm

Re: HSFX 5.0 ready for public distribution with dedicated se

Now 3 versions on C: & 3 versions ( I think) on F: exterior storage...where will CoD go??? :roll:


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Post Thu Mar 17, 2011 12:10 pm

Re: HSFX 5.0 ready for public distribution with dedicated se

Hats off to you guys. You keep making a great game better, and we will never be able to repay you for all your time and effort. This Bud is for you guys.



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Re: HSFX 5.0 ready for public distribution with dedicated se

One of the best additions have been the addition of the expert mode.

Note how the FM's were not calculated by feel or comparison to other aircraft.

Look around Hyperlobby this week, I'm sure you will see new servers soon.


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Post Thu Mar 17, 2011 12:55 pm

Re: HSFX 5.0 ready for public distribution with dedicated se

Thanks, Monguse, for the news on HSFX 5.0 release.

HSFX has been releasing fantastic mod packs and I am eager to enjoy the nice things in this one.



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Re: HSFX 5.0 ready for public distribution with dedicated se

Guse...this is fantastic. thanks to everyone involved in making this wonderful mod. I may have missed it but is API ammo included?


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Re: HSFX 5.0 ready for public distribution with dedicated se

Special thanks to 242ndSqn who hosts this mod pack development, thanks to all the modders who contributed, and thank you to those who provide technical support.

You guys do good things!



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Re: HSFX 5.0 ready for public distribution with dedicated se

Monguse wrote:One of the best additions have been the addition of the expert mode.

Agreed 100%

Monguse wrote:Note how the FM's were not calculated by feel or comparison to other aircraft.

The only way to fly! ;)


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Re: HSFX 5.0 ready for public distribution with dedicated se

Monguse wrote:...I'm sure you will see new servers soon.

Where is this HSFX Dedicated Server, Guse? Is it included in this download? (I've downloaded it, but not installed) Is there an option given whether you are patching game or server?


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Re: HSFX 5.0 ready for public distribution with dedicated se

Hi, 8thFS_Bulau

A guy who we know let me know in PM to check the box for IL-2Comp in order to get the FM comprehensive.

Fireskull :)


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Re: HSFX 5.0 ready for public distribution with dedicated se


The dedicated server install is an option in the install.


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Re: HSFX 5.0 ready for public distribution with dedicated se

Rgr, thanks!

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