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HSFX 5.0 and 5.01 hotfix - Getting Started

Good day,

I recommend doing a fresh install of HSFX 5.0

HSFX 5.0 will require you to patch IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 combat flight simulation all the way upto 4.101 if you want a fresh installation.

See the thread here by Monguse and look at his copy of the READ-ME in the first two posts:

HSFX 5.0 ready for public distribution with dedicated server by Monguse

HSFX information given to me by 242nd and HSFX people:
HSFX 5.0 Simple Mod Guide by Fireskull

There are other useful threads about HSFX 5.0 near the top of the HSFX forum. Remember to ask Mr. Search, too. :lol:

IL-2 Patch Central - 4.08, 4.09, 4.10, 4.101

As you will notice, the HSFX 5.0 is currently available in a torrent file.

Do not let this scare you! :)

Why a torrent file

Often torrent files are the most reliable and quickest way to get a large download. There are many reasons for this, but I will cover a few here.

1) Torrent files distributed through torrent are proven to usually be the fastest and cleanest files ( clean means no corrupt files here ). The last dozen or so times that I used a torrent, I got averages of about 50 kilobytes per second to about 700 k per second ( 700,000 b per second! ) with peeks of upto 1.5 MB per second!

Rarely do I have a corrupt file. Replacing the corrupt part of the download is easier than the conventional way of downloading the whole thing - another torrent advantage.

2) Torrent files are quicker and more reliable than mirrors. The torrent will be available as long as there are donors called Seeds, ( Sometimes called seeders ) which hypothetically is forever. Contrast this with mirrors which often break after a few thousand ( sometimes a few hundred ) downloads. Added to this, the torrent is not dependent on someone paying the download website fee or refreshing it.

Torrents are still going which are years old.

Quick notes

1) I recommend uTorrent, but some people use BitTorrent, CometTorrent, or others.

2) Download the uTorrent and install it first.

3) Download the torrent file of your choice next. The uTorrent will detect all the torrent files in hard drives automatically.

4) You could go to the torrent user interface and search for the file there to include it, but there is any easier way:

If you previously installed the torrent utility, then the torrent file (HSFX 5.0 in this instance) will have a file icon of the torrent utility in front of it. Simply open the file now and the utility will handle it, thereby beginning the torrent.

5) Bring your torrent utility interface to the desktop and watch the progress.

6) Be encouraged that download times will vary for you with a potential of single k per second to potential of over 1 MB per second. It might start low and a half hour later be amazingly fast.

7) A good option is to let the thing download overnight.

8) You can use the fix patch and the mods act:

HSFX v5.0.1 hotfix news - by cmirko

HSFX v5.0.1 hotfix - download it from our squadron website ... load&cid=9

HSFX 5 Mods Activator - thanks to SAS team for buttons work and support ... 767.0.html

A fix or two will be released in the future, so watch this forum.