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IL-2 Compare for HSFX 5.0

IL-2 Compare for HSFX 5.0
This version of IL-2 Compare was developed for HSFX 5.0 and is included as part of the HSFX 5.0 download. During the installation of HSFX 5.0 there is an option to install this version of IL-2Compare. This is an updated version to the one that was release with HSFX 5.0 that has a few of the last min changes that did not make it into the final release of HSFX 5.0. I will also be updating this as new planes get added to HSFX 5.0 and I will also be adding more real world data performance tests

The following link(s) are provided as a separate download for those who have yet to download and HSFX 5.0, or choose not to install it during the HSFX 5.0 install

The following read me is provided here separately but is also included as part of the download.


IL-2 Compare changes
There were several changes made to IL-2 Compare some of the most notable listed here

    1) In this version of IL-2 Compare all the performance data is relative to the standard atmosphere as apposed to the atmosphere of the Crimea map. The purpose for using the flight test map is two fold; one the flight test map is set to standard atmospheric conditions; two most if not all real world test data is converted to standard atmospheric conditions. Therefore using the flight test map to collect data on allows for the direct comparisons between in-game data and real world data.

    2) In this version of IL-2 Compare there is two types of data, one IL-2 in-game data and two real world data (RWD). The real world data is obtained from real world test reports and converted to the IL-2 Compare data file formats. The real world data comes in two types, flight test data and estimated (read calculated on paper) data. Where the flight test data is data collected during an actual flight test and the estimated data is data that was derived by flight test engineers. One should keep in mind that estimated data can be very optimistic in some cases and very conservative in others and therefore should not be taken as fact. Also note that only the altitude vs. rate of climb and altitude vs. TAS data is provided, in that these were the two standard tests done in WWII. Thus the other graphs and features in IL2Comp will not work with RWD. The brackets at the beginning and end of the file name are used to separate and sort the RWD from the in-game data. More RWD will be added over time as a separate download. The purpose of including real world data is so the in-game plane performance can be compared to the real world test data performance to see how well the in-game plane matches the real world data.

    3) Many of the labels on the graphs were re-named, for example 100% was renamed to MIL, for military power settings, and 110% was renamed to WEP, for war emergency power settings.

For more details and installation instruction refer to the IL-2CompHSFX_Read_Me.pdf file