Post Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:30 pm

F4U-1 Gunsight

No Wonder Dog's USN gunsight mod changed the original gunsight in the F4U-1/Corsair Mk I from the stock game MK VIII gunsight to the N3 and this mod was included in the HSFX History Mod.

Below is a link to the line drawings for the F4U Corsair. This drawings are very detailed and labeled. If you scroll down far enough there is a drawing of the right side of the fuselage (see through) which is displaying the left side installations in the cockpit area of an F4U-1 with the framed canopy (bird cage). It shows a side drawing of cockpit area components including the gun sight. Just above and to the right of the canopy it is clearly printed MKVIII gun sight. The Mk VIII gun sight needs to be placed back into the F4U-1/Corsair Mk I. ... -6559.html