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New guy seeks advice



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New guy seeks advice

Hi, new guy to forum, returning to IL2 1946 after 5 years at SH4 subsim. Recently patched up to 4.10.1 and seek some advice on how to go forward. Want to try HSFX as SP, no online. Run on XP2, 1.9 mghz, 4mb, and like to use the 3gb runtime memory fix.
1. Should I start with HSFX 6 or HSFX 7
2. Is there a way to back out an IL2 patch to go backwards, say backout 4.12.2 to go back to 4.11 or 4.10?
3. I use JSGME when installing mods to SH4 but a bit confused with installing mods to IL2 wrt to modacts, autoloads, etc.

Thanks for replies.


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Re: New guy seeks advice



You must patch IL-2 to the requirements of the modding system that you want to use. No, you can not uninstall patches once that are installed into IL-2. A copy of each stage of download before installing them would be a good idea and also a copy of the patched and mod pack installed IL-2 would be a good idea, too.

Take a look here and many things should be clearer:

Stock IL-2 Patches:
IL-2 Patch Central

IL-2 Newbie Guide

The 242nd Squadron website has some people who can help you. The HSFX mod pack there is absolutely HUGE and has the great flight models of their aircraft.

I hope that this helps. :)



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Post Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:00 pm

Re: New guy seeks advice

Thanks I'll start reading.

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