Post Wed Nov 26, 2014 10:28 am

Late to the show, HSFX 7 and C&C mod

I can't believe I have been playing without the awesome Command and Control mod by Checkyersix. I have it installed in DBW and it works like a charm.

My problem is with HSFX and installing this mod. I have HSFX as a standalone (i.e. no IL2 selector etc) and have created an online coop DCG Battle of Britain campaign. We're testing missions now. So far so good.
Obviously, the C&C GCI and OBS objects would be an excellent addition for this campaign. I've tried to install C&C but the game crashes at 70% on startup.

I've received conflicting responses on other forums that a. it doesn't work at all with HSFX or b. it will work, you just have to install it properly. I've noted the different folder structure between my DBW install and HSFX.
For example, DBW has a #DBW folder into which C&C is installed and works. HSFX does not have an equivalent #HSFX folder. I've tried installing into the MODS folder but no joy.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.