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Map of central Serbia 1941

This map is an attempt to finish the awesome work by Avala started here: ... 483.0.html

There the discussion on the map properties and development stages can be found.

What was done to complete the map:
Restoring Mymap_c.tga, making new ed_m01.tga and ed_m02.tga , adding highways, rails and roads through forests, removing the flood partially.
Then, after lowering the rivers to zero height and smoothing the valleys, 124 bridges were positioned. Airfield areas were flattened and equipped with default runways and taxiways, basic hangars placed.
Railways, highways and roads were completed, railways stations added and their area levelled.
Population of cities completed, using now default buildings. Roads cleaned , they are default ones , going through the cities without any non-default objects.
In addition to some frankenobjects (composed from default ones), the cathedrals of St.Mark and St.Sava at Beograd were created as new objects by Molva and Murdoc (aka zloy, aka nachprod) from Aviaskins.
The only rexture changed was that of airfield grass, all other ones are originals by Avala.

The map was tested in 4.10.1, UP3RC4, 4.12_2 modded versions of Il-2. The creation, saving and flying the missions made in FMB was successful.

Map can be d/l here: ... bia1941.7z

Avala, SkyFan, Radoye, Goose, Toobone, andrey65, Vasya,

EDIT Sept. 11, 2015:

For those patient enough , here is the version of the map completed with three cathedrals in Beograd, new objects being made by Molva and Murdoc : ... ia_1941.7z