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The Barny/Tiger/Slipper/Ice-arse clubhouse

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Well well… look who climbed out of the slime-pit/garbage-pile and posted on my personal chat box here:


:D :D :D

What a shock/surprise from a know-it-all braggart!

I'm underwhelmed that this thoughtless gump would come here and attack me like that... g'ah! ??? ::)

I'm assuming Barney, Tyger, Slipper and their cronies like Gump (and let's not forget Ice here) and a few others will be along shortly to launch yet ANOTHER follow-up attack against me. After all, once you've stabbed someone in the back's easy as all hell to do it again and again, eh Barney, Tiger?

;D ;D ;D

Keep it coming, guys... I love it! You've needlessly, selfishly, cruelly done so much hurt/harm/insult to me, I'm never going to be more than an inch away from your shoulders. Every project you work on with stolen goods, every post you make anywhere on the net, any game you play... whatever, I'll be there. You deserve for me to be there and you know it. You can't wrong a good man and get by, you can't keep a good man down... Hell, I've got an evil eyeball on you right now! :wink: