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Okay guys... this is Beo… you know me. You know I started Free Modding for FREE MODDERS to come and learn to mod outside the restrictive elements of 'others' who tried to keep modding secrets hidden from the general public and retain such knowledge strictly for their own purposes.

Free Modding 'was' a success. We taught hundreds if not THOUSANDS of people to mod there and from all over the world.

However, it has, since my lengthy absence/illness... become 'something' else entirely.

Following a bout with cancer and multiple heart attacks (and the unfortunate lightning strike which blew my computer and backup drives clear across the room) I discover that I am not only NO LONGER wanted on my own site...but, that MY site that I started from ZERO, and that I sank THOUSANDS of hours designing, building, posting on, writing mod tutorials for and so on... doesn't INTEND for me to be there either. Rather they've become a SHOW place, where they spend silly, endless hours making shiny new ka-zillion-poly addons, many of them from other 3D folks at other 3D sites, and posting them up for mostly approving/adoring MOD COLLECTORS... no not modders, mind you, not even players...but rather people that only COLLECT them to have them show-off in screenshots or to brag about having them in their game.

No, of course not 'all' of the folk there are collectors... many are real players, fine friends and true gentlemen, but yes, ---sadly many of them are. And those don't care WHAT becomes of the site as long as they get their weekly and or monthly 'fix' of collectible shiny new mods. :roll:

They've let most of the 'old' mod links go bad... what a waste of effort, of talent and of skill. Old modders just don't mean anything to them anymore...nor do their 'old' mods, evidently. :cry:

They even picked a public fight with me (to have an excuse to cause trouble) over me enjoying playing 4.09m/UP2.01 (an older install) and went so far as to openly attack me IN THE CLEAR forum over it. Crazy...since the original premise of the site was to DO YOUR OWN THING ANYWAY YOU WANTED TO and we 'never' ran anybody down over the version they played...nor did we let idiots openly attack other moderators or admins...let alone actually JUMP in there and attack WITH them. Dear Lord! What has my wonderful, free, helpful and gracious site sank down into? :x

I was told in no uncertain terms... that I wasn't wanted, I wasn't needed, and that my sorry, old ass needed to get lost. I was told that THEY (the new admins there) built the site up to what it is today....that I had NO hand in it. That if it wasn't for THEM, there's be no freemodding site whatsoever. (Where were THEY at during the HUNDREDS OF BATTLES that Ton and I stood against an entire 'other' site and battled toe to toe to keep our site alive against? Where were THEY when there WAS no site and 'I' and 'I' alone had to CREATE it from nothing? Where were THEY when they had to guard and protect my own computer/personal/private life against rabid attacks from 'others' out to not only take down the new (at that time) FM site but to take ME down as well? Where were THEY when I spent MONTHS of 24 hour, seven day a week time spans creating and writing the hundreds of modding models/tutorials that actually made the site a household name all over the world? Where were THEY when I personally posted over one thousand mods up for FREE community downloads? Where were THEY when the site had ONE member...ME. And where were THEY when all of a sudden thanks to my modding tutorage it had over a thousand members? And where were THEY when they came over there crying with no safe haven and I personally offered them a SAFE, FREE, CALM place to hang their hats and call home? And WHO defended them when the 'other' guys came calling and tried their best to attack and defame them there? (Yeah, who was that fool?) ---oh yeah, it was ME. :-?

But now it's ALL about THEM? And how much THEY did? D'oh! ---And they can talk to me like I'm useless trash and think it's okay to do so?

LOL! :shock: Have you ever heard such drivel in your life?

Probably not. I know I haven't.

Anyway... people that I thought were my loyal, loving friends actually sneaked around behind my back, unchecked my FOUNDER box in my admin control room...and BANNED me from my own site.

That's right... and that's the truth, no matter WHAT they might say otherwise. That's how it happened. And let me tell you, that is not something you can get over easily...especially from people you 'thought' were friends.

When I discovered this... I found out that they won't even reply to my emails (and I can see why the gutless wonders would do that since they pulled such a crappy deal on me in the first place. Surely the guilt must slap them right between the eyes every time they look in a mirror these days.) Heck, one of them, even after personally inviting me to his website to join his squadron and play with them...which I had went and joined but had yet to make a post there...INSTANTLY banned me the next day after all of this came about. It was obvious a guilt banning there...since I had NEVER done anything to him or to his squad or to his site (like I said, I'd just joined and never even made a post there yet!) D'oh!

Well, so be it. Let them twist in the breeze. They'll get theirs.

In the mean time I'm moving forward... the OLD Free Modding attitude and passion isn't dead. We don't have to have new shiny toys every day to keep a dream of freedom and fair play alive. I'll rebuild from one of my site 'backup' DVDs... make a new, better, FREE Modding. Same idea on the same path as the original one... and not ran by tyrants, bullies, or outright backstabbing thieves.

I'll keep you posted on this. In the mean time all links to the old site have been removed as they were no longer valid anyway...

Keep safe. Keep 'em flying!

Your friend, Always!

S! :mrgreen:


You can go here for a new build of FM from an OLD backup copy I had on DVD...