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Pioneers of Modding

PostPosted: Sat Oct 16, 2010 4:19 am
by Verhängnis
I just thought I would repost this from fly_zo's topic which is now gone.

IL2 modding history,

Pioneers of modding, the very first ones :

QTim = sfs extractor ... wrapper , all essential stuff for game to become moddable
SG2_Wasy, Tiger33 = original sound mod + few Ai's flayable
MrJolly , LtWolf = all discoveries and java coding to be able to fly Ai's + gunner positions / the very first new slot plane introduction: SPITFIRE I ( leading AAA up to the very top of modding IL2 community )
Ranwers= master of hier.him manipulations ... first franken plane
sHr= the great 6DOF Tracker /mouse version mods
Bee= original skinmod founder (discovered manipulations of ingame default skins )
UF_Josse= destruction mod
Lowfighter and fly_zo = original map files manipulations and very first retextured maps / new land map
6S.Maraz = the very first completely new map (Malta)
Two fantastic guys ( modest enough to request anonymity ) = original map tools ( no new map possible without them)
Fisneaky = first cloned ingame objects
FC = the one and only, great QMB+ mod , ingame icons modifications , new ships
Dr.Jones and fatduck= new 3d models /ingame tga's tools and editors ( not one new model possible without them)
Hellzone = patch for non DVD game version + 4.09b1m (moddable) contribution + very first MDS mod
Fireball = java coding / new game engine features introduced
Hunin= FM for new slot planes
Avala= discovered lighting effects for land and planes

Manny thanks to all these guys for everything and for what we have posible today in IL2!

also do bear in mind that this is not some kind of best modders nor the most deserving ones list ... it's just a list of guys who set the whole thing going.

Z .

Re: Pioneers of Modding

PostPosted: Sat Oct 16, 2010 5:07 am
by LeBigTed
Very nice to have this topic to thank 'old' pionneers modders !!!

Thanks everybody, and thank you Verhängnis ;o)


Re: Pioneers of Modding

PostPosted: Sat Oct 16, 2010 12:03 pm
by Dietz
Even tho I am the World's Worst Mods installer ..I want to thank you for all your efforts at making this Sim really come alive...and give my life purpose: keeping it running and a way from 60%CTDs!