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[REQUEST] Pitts Special S-2A



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[REQUEST] Pitts Special S-2A

Greetings IL-2 Modders!
A big ‘Howzit’ from South Africa!

I have an aeroplane request, I’m not sure if this is the correct thread to post this. However I will happily repost it on the correct thread if needed.

This will be my first request so please excuse any incorrect ‘procedures’ executed in posting this.

I would like to request a model of a Pitts Special S-2A; a small two seated aerobatic aircraft with the single ‘bubble’ canopy design (see images below). The model must be reasonably realistic on the ground as well as the air, this probably being the most important thing. Bear in mind that I completely understand how much work it entails to get this out of a model but the work will be rewarded. Should this aeroplane be modelled, I have even organised a group of Virtual/Real world aviators, EVEN flight instructors, who are willing to pay a reasonable and negotiated fee to the team that models it. I am just about on my knees begging for this model, it’ll truly open doors to the civil and aerobatic side of IL-2.

I know some members might ask why I don’t just go play other simulators that support these types of aircraft. I have a rather good experience in most, if not all, flight simulators but so far I have found that no simulator’s flight dynamics can be compared to IL-2 yet. I have 82.5 hours on my Private Pilot’s Licence (in the real world :wink: ), although this does not seem like many hours to some, it is more than enough to know the flight dynamics of an aeroplane and how it should react in certain situations. So during the process of creating this model I am completely willing to give advice, test, and give feedback of the work in progress. :)

Here are the design specifications (I could only get design specifications for the S-2B but the A and B model are very similar, I just request that the propeller be two-bladed):
The Pitts Special was designed by Curtis Pitts and is acknowledged as the worlds leading competition aerobatic and air show display airplane. The original prototype of the S-1 Special first flew in September 1944. The Pitts Special has won more aerobatic competitions than any other airplane in history. It is the only fully FAA Certified competition airplane made in America and one of the very few which are manufactured in the world. The Pitts Special has been factory built by Aerotek, Christen, and currently Aviat.
The two seat S-2 Special is of the same configuration as the single seat S-1 but is larger overall, and generally regarded as a more capable aerobatic aircraft due to its larger size and heavier weight, more power and aerodynamic changes.
The current model is the Pitts S-2C, a two-place airplane capable of unlimited category competition and universally recognized as "the" aerobatic trainer, as it can legally carry both instructor and student, including fuel reserves, during all hard aerobatic training sessions. There have been some 700 factory manufactured Pitts and an estimated 600 that have been built from plans or kits in the period before 1984.

Pitts S-2B
Developing nation:   United States of America.
Manufacturer:   Aviat Aircraft Inc.
Designer:   Curtiss Pitts
Production line:   Afton, Wyoming USA.
Type aircraft:   Special aerobatic biplane.
First flight:   September 1944, Pitts S-1.
Cockpit:   Two seats.
Wing span upper:   6,10 m.
Wing span lower:   5,79 m.
Wing area:   11,6 m².
Fuselage length:   5,71 m.
Height:   2,02 m.
Engines:   One Lycoming IO-360 fuel injected flat four piston engine rated 135 KW.
Propeller:   The Claw by Hartzell, constant speed, composite three-blade, 1,98 m diameter.
Empty weight:   520 Kg.
Fuel:   Fuselage tank capacity 90 litres.
   Wing tank capacity 110 litres.
Max. take off weight:   737 Kg.
Cruise speed:   282 km/h.
Service ceiling:   6.400 m best at 1.830 m.
Max rate of roll:   400 °/sec.
G-limits:   6 G/-5 G.
Range:   513 km.
Performance:   Max. Rate of climb at sea level 823 m per minute.
Take-off run:   169 m.
Landing run:   229 m.
Basic single-seat Pitts aerobatic biplane with a flat M6 aerofoil section and lower wing ailerons only, fitted with a variety of engines. Two were built, the first named Special and the second Li'l Stinker.
Amateur-built S-1 single-seat aircraft, flat bottom wing with ailerons on lower wing only, designed for 100–180 hp (75–134 kW) engines. First flown in 1960, the S-1 is currently available as a plans-built aircraft from Steen Aero Lab.
Amateur-built S-1C with ailerons on all four wings, generally similar to S-1S.
Amateur-built S-1C using factory-produced kits. Uses symmetrical airfoil.
Outside derivative homebuilt, with the Falcon wing. Square tips, 25% more aileron span. In the UK, this model is fitted with a 200 hp (149 kW) Monty Barrett engine, and a lightweight Hoffmann VP propeller.
Aerotek-built certified S-1C for competition aerobatics, round aerofoil section, four ailerons and powered by a 180 hp (134 kW) Lycoming AEIO-360-B4A; 61 built. This model is also available from Aviat Aircraft as a plans-built aircraft.
Similar to the certified S1-S "Roundwing". 180–200+ hp (134–149 kW), single-seat, homebuilt, symmetrical wing, four symmetrical "Super-Stinker" style ailerons, 300 degree/s roll rate, fixed pitch propeller. This model is available in plans and components form from Steen Aero Lab.
Aerotek-built S-1C with a 200 hp (149 kW) Lycoming AEIO-360-A1E and minor changes; 64 built. Four-aileron, single-seat, factory-built, symmetrical wing, symmetrical ailerons, constant speed two- or three-blade Hartzell propeller. The top wing was moved forward compared to the S-1S for weight and balance. This model is in production in 2008 from Aviat Aircraft as an "on-demand" manufacture product.
Known as Model 11 "Super Stinker", 300+ hp (220 kW) Lycoming, four-aileron, single-seat, experimental-plans or factory-built and factory component parts, symmetric airfoil, three-blade constant speed prop, rolls better than 300 degree/s, climbs better than 3,000 ft/min (15.3 m/s).
Scaled up S-1 with tandem two-seat fuselage and powered by a 200 hp (149 kW) Lycoming AEIO-360-B4A piston engine.
Aerotek-built S-2A with a 200 hp (149 kW) Lycoming AEIO-360-A1A or -A1E piston engine, constant speed propeller, later builds has a longer landing gear and a 2-inch-wider (51 mm) front cockpit; 259 built.
Aerotek-built S-2A with a 260 hp (194 kW) Lycoming AEIO-540-D4A5 engine, and upper wing auxiliary fuel tank, the landing gear and upper wings were moved forward six inches; 196 built. The aircraft is out of production but is supported by Aviat Aircraft
Four aileron, two-seat, factory-built, symmetric airfoil, 260 hp (194 kW) Lycoming driving constant speed three-blade propeller, current production model. This was an evolution of the S-2B model, with improved ailerons and rudder, flat bottom fuselage, lower profile bungee gear, better inverted handling and certified for +6 -5g. It is in production in 2008 by Aviat Aircraft
Amateur-built S-2A from factory-produced kits.
Aerotek-built S-2B with a single cockpit and a twin tank fuel system. The fuselage is shortened by 14 inches (35 cm) forward of the cockpit to allow the installation of the heavier 260 hp (194 kW) Lycoming AEIO-540-D4A5. The wingspan is 20 ft, 0 inches (6.10 m); 17 built. This model is currently out of production, but supported by Aviat Aircraft
Amateur-built S-2S from factory-produced kits



Uploaded with ImageShack.us

I will really appreciate any feedback to this request and you are welcome to email me at
MLoughton ( at ) hotmail ( dot ) com

I also would like to send a massive thank you to whoever is concerned into keeping such a wonderful website going as well as all the designers of previous modifications done to IL-2; your work is thoroughly appreciated!


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Re: [REQUEST] Pitts Special S-2A

First welcome Aviator1 to the site :)

I fixed your e-mail, its not a good idea to put a live e-mail
On any website forum or the next thing you know is your
E-mail box will be full of spam.

Good luck on the plane you look for.

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