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Will All aircraft arcade mod work with ultrapack 2.0?



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Post Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:28 pm

Will All aircraft arcade mod work with ultrapack 2.0?

I was wondering if I could get AAA to work with ultrapack 2.0. With the jsgme-up2 .



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Post Sun Apr 18, 2010 8:42 pm

Most AAA older mods are already included within UP2, although improved/changed when possible.
Any mod that is just a MOD, (modifies something that already exist), requires only dropping it in MODS file.
New slot, or creative works like new maps, requires ...ini edit (such as air.ini, all.ini, QBMmaps.ini ),
other cosmetic text edits such as in weapons.ru, plane,ru. et.c, all done as usual.
All missing flyables or cockpit repaints are just drop-ins into MODS file. The very newest stuff may require latest buttons, on rare occasions.
However editing sfs mod sounds ( like engines or weapons ), is lot more difficult: it's an all or nothing situation to start with, ...

Overall, most mods are more likely to work, and easy to install, except for any sound that you would wish to change individually.
Recommendation: wait for UP 2.01 at this stage, and save efforts.


If you are thinking of keeping existing mods, and start unclean, it can be done, I did it once; but it's not a easy way and is futile,
as the Borgs would say. Better to figure out what you already got, after an UP2 install, then work on what you are missing.
This way you do not keep redundant mods, and miss the newer versions of same mods.

For a mod to work in JSGME, it needs some fixing. Haven't been there. Tutorials to do that exist, I think.
Once again a lot, and I mean a lot of most successfull AAA mods are already included as JSGME mods, in their most recent form, at that.
You are most likely to find some you never thought of using, now easily available for a test run.


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Post Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:19 am

You can drop mods into the mods folder like you may have done before.

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