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Camera help.



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Camera help.

I've done some googleing, searched a bit, figured this would be the fastest way to get my answer.

I'm trying to get it so I don't have the "snap" view in Il2, and if i use the "pan" view it goes back to center automatically, Any way of turning off the "auto center"?

Any help is appriciated...and I cannot afford a Head tracker system.


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Re: Camera help.

Busdriver101 wrote:I've done some googleing, searched a bit,..
First start your game and go to controls and check if are there any assigned keys to your "SNAP VIEW" if not do it. If you use joystick you must start your game and go to
controls and under "PAN VIEW" assign your joysticks HAT switch in relation to the viewpoints(angles) that are declared there. to prevent of auto centering in "PAN view" push F9 in your Keyboard, this is the default key, again in your controls check if you have a key assigned for this action,if not do it.

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