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Kinda Dark

PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 12:35 am
by RadPig94
I wanted to fly around in QMB (DBW 1.71, any map) with the time at 0000 hours, but it seems too dark even with the moon shining, everything is pitch black. any way to fix that?

Re: Kinda Dark

PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:53 pm
by Planemad
Get some navigation lights on your plane, and some searchlights on the ground Rad :wink:

Sorry Rad I do not have DBW 1.7 so I wouldn't know, unless it is supposed to be very dark, as I remember the complaints of it being too light in the stock game :roll:

I hope you get it sorted soon Rad 8)


Re: Kinda Dark

PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2012 10:43 am
by Fireskull
Hi, RadPig94

The only three ways that I know:

1) Change the brightness and contrast of the computer monitor.

2) Adjust the lighting in the graphics card control panel ( if you have this ).

3) Make changes in the SetUP of IL-2 ( objects brightness, perhaps? ) ( Also can be done in the conf.ini file if you look for it. )

The best case scenario would be if you could coordinate all three of these types of adjustment until you like it.

I hope this leads to something for you. :)