Post Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:14 pm

Interesting finding, good info.

I want to share something I found out about the install of the game on the "C" drive in a separate folder as instructed by the newbie guide. A major benefit of this is My motherboard and video card failed on my PC. I almost started over , new Motherboard, CPU, RAM, Video card etc. I kept the same original hard drive. I reloaded Windows 7 64 bit on the drive. (originally had XP.) After the install of the new Operating System and getting the PC back online. There is a new folder created called "Windows Old". It has old programs and files etc. The old original IL2 1946 folder was also still on the C drive. All intact and ready to go. No need to reinstall ! Just jumped right back and started flying! It was untouched with the new install of Windows 7. :o