Post Mon Jun 11, 2012 8:05 am

Mouse instead of joystick

Several years ago this topic was quite popular, especially on russian part of il-2 community. But I haven't seen anything about it since 2009, so, natural question appears: is there any new tool to control il-2 without joystick?

I am flying with keyboard for a year now, because some circumstances don't allow use of joystick. It is not as difficult as some people say, but still - far from convenient. Tried to install programs like PPJoy and Jmouse, but enormous complexity of configuring them for the needs of virtual piloting and lack of knowledge prevented me from succeeding. Also, most of tutorials were written for vintage versions of software (mostly WinXP).

Is there any relatively new, simple and quick way to control il-2 with a mouse, without sacrificing your computer? Maybe a mod was made for this purpose? Any help would be greatly appreciated.