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Welcome to the UltraPack forum! [and links]

This forum section is dedicated to the discussion, promotion and help related to, mods and stuff relating to the UltraPack site.

This forum will have have links to the site, and we will endeavour to see if we can get some moderators who either know plenty about UP or are in fact members of the administration. All discussion is fine, although this is not carte blanche for you all to start trashing one mod pack or another. Usual forum rules apply here gents, but the major change is that UP discussion and linking is fine, but we'd ask you to keep it to the relevant section. (i.e. this one)


UltraPack main site:

And links to the download page for UP 2.01:,1536.0.html

Current Release -Quick Guide:

Pappy's Installation Guide:,1904.0.html

Cheers, gents!
The AAS administration