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PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 4:48 am
by gibbage
I learned drafting on paper after I graduated from High School. Dont feel to bad! Take a look at some of your local community colleges. You would be surprised to see just HOW MANY offer classes in 3D modeling now a days. Last year I took a class to learn Maya for $40!

P.S. I hated Maya. :lol:

PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 5:38 am
by Rowddy
hmm now that's a good tip :D thanks Gibbage

PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 5:56 am
by Muas
gibbage wrote:For smoothing groups, its best to do them as you model. That way, its a lot of little jobs, and not one BIG one at the end.

I can cover whats called "null smoothing" in IL2 to help smooth out doors. It uses invisible polygons. I will add that to the list.

As for downloading it, I will see what I can do. I dont have the bandwidth on my own server to host it. If I can find a good file host, I will. I use Youtube simply because of the comments and annotations.

More on smoothing groups, please, please, please...

PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 6:06 am
by highlander_262
Big one for me is how to use alpha for windows and more especially for holes on DM. Only when you find the time though mate. paying your rent is Way more important 8)

PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 8:22 am
by Davidson
Yes!!! Thank you so much! :D
This is what I looking for. Thanks mate.


PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 8:26 am
by Hawk
This is great. Thankyou very much mate :)

PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 10:33 am
by Murilo Specht
Awesome Gibbage, this might inspire me to try modelling on 3ds again (I tried some years ago).

Cya in the skies mate!

PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 2:21 pm
by Charrua
:shock: :shock:
Great work !!!!!!
I'm starting with 3D Max and me is very helpful work.
Google Translation

Exelente trabajo!!!!!!
Yo estoy empezando con 3D Max y me es de gran ayuda su trabajo.
Traduccin Google

PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 2:32 pm
by Alan
Great tutorial Gibbage :!:

Your valuable time is appreciated.....

If you could find the time it would be nice if you could whip up a beefy little spinning prop for IL2 (instead of trying to show us clowns how to do it :idea:). The flat spinning disc is a bit of a let down.

Would be forever grateful :wink:

I am sure some other talented modder could figure a way of getting it into the game if you did not want to consume your time on the nitty-gritty details.... :wink:

PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:15 pm
by American
gibbage wrote:
P.S. I hated Maya. :lol:

Your my new best friend. LOL

Well then screw us. Just make sure you make the rent :D

PostPosted: Wed Apr 29, 2009 11:56 am
by goshikisen
Nice work gibbage. A highly useful contribution to the modding community.


PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2009 12:20 am
by Frogman2
so much info...agh *head explodes* but other tahn that thanks for this post ^_^ though i have no idea how to get to this stage

Re: [VIDEO] Tutorial (3DS Max) Part 1; Prop Modeling!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 11, 2009 1:18 pm
by eikenschild
Is it possible to make the objects with blender 3D?

If you don't know it here's a link to the official site:[/url]

PostPosted: Wed Apr 07, 2010 3:44 am
by Draken
Thanks for this great video .

I have the same question as eikenschild : can Blender be used to create planes for il-2 ?

Re: [VIDEO] Tutorial (3DS Max) Part 1; Prop Modeling!

PostPosted: Sat Feb 12, 2011 6:54 am
by Gbox

i cant mak Gear Nose in 3d max

you have Tutorial for mak Gear Nose