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Explanation of environment/sound-source preset - *.prs files



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Post Tue Nov 17, 2009 7:32 pm

I really tahnk you class teaching <S>, I was wondering how stufs works.



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Post Fri Nov 20, 2009 8:06 pm

environment preset - property type

Additional information about the property type




As already said,this is the fundamental listener property.
You typically set it first and then—if you want—modify it using other listener properties.

When you set an environment type , you choose the acoustic surroundings of the listener the size of the virtual room around the listener and the reflective qualities of its walls.
So this a kind of basic preset within the preset.

These are the predefined values for each type:

--- Type -----------------|- Volume -|- Decay | Time Damping

GENERIC ----------------|-- 0.5 -----| 1.493 -| 0.5
PADDEDCELL -----------|-- 0.25 ----| 0.1 ---| 0.0
ROOM -------------------|-- 0.417 --| 0.4 ---| 0.666
BATHROOM -------------|-- 0.653 --| 1.499 -| 0.166
LIVINGROOM -----------|-- 0.208 --| 0.478 -- 0.0
STONEROOM -----------|-- 0.5 -----| 2.309 -| 0.888
AUDITORIUM -----------|-- 0.403 --| 4.279 -| 0.5
CONCERTHALL --------|-- 0.5 -----| 3.961--| 0.5
CAVE -------------------|-- 0.5 -----| 2.886--| 1.304
ARENA -----------------|-- 0.361 --| 7.284--| 0.332
HANGAR ---------------|-- 0.5 -----| 10.0 --| 0.3
CARPETEDHALLWAY -|-- 0.153 --| 0.259 -| 2.0
HALLWAY -------------|-- 0.361 --| 1.493 -| 0.0
STONECORRIDOR ----|-- 0.444 --| 2.697 -| 0.638
ALLEY -----------------|-- 0.25 ----| 1.752 -| 0.776
FOREST ---------------|-- 0.111 --| 3.145 -| 0.472
CITY -------------------|-- 0.111 --| 2.767 -| 0.224
MOUNTAINS ----------|-- 0.194 --| 7.841 -| 0.472
QUARRY---------------|-- 1.0 -----| 1.499 -| 0.5
PLAIN -----------------|-- 0.097 --| 2.767 -| 0.224
PARKINGLOT ---------|-- 0.208 --| 1.652 -| 1.5
SEWERPIPE ----------|-- 0.652 --| 2.886 -| 0.25
UNDERWATER -------|-- 1.0 -----| 1.499 -| 0.0
DRUGGED ------------|-- 0.875 ---| 8.392 -| 1.388
DIZZY -----------------|-- 0.139 ---| 17.234 | 0.666
PSYCHOTIC ----------|-- 0.486 ---| 7.563 -| 0.806

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Post Sat Nov 21, 2009 1:56 pm

:shock: 1000 000 bonus points for that :D


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Post Sat Nov 21, 2009 2:23 pm


wait,i have to count the digits ...

... that´s a million!

thank you hero
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Post Sun Mar 07, 2010 8:00 pm

Practice: my preferred settings

Hi all

Im using XP and a Realtek onboard soundcard (so nothing special) and im playing IL2 on a 5.1 surround speaker system.

these are my preferred settings:

Windows: i set sound hardware accelaration to max (in speaker settings or dxdiag settings)

Il2 : The enable hardware extensions switch is set to on, speakers are set to Surround and in conf.ini SoundFlags.forceEAX1=0
i don´t use the ingame hardware settings and do all settings by editing the Config.ini file. (because ingame settings override config.ini values sometimes)

i use(d) the following configuration with this mods: UI 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and HSFX 4.1 and UP:

Speakers=4 <---- 4=surround speakers (depends on the speakersystem you use)
SoundMode=3 <-- directX sound mode 3=full
SamplingRate=2 <-- 2= 44kHz
SoundExt.occlusions=0 <-- all values starting with SoundExt. seem to be not valid for il2 settings any more ?
SoundFlags.hardware=1 <--- must be 1 to get EAX and hardware accelaration.
SoundExt.acoustics=0 <-- not valid any more ?
SoundExt.volumefx=0 <-- not valid any more ?
SoundExt.extrender=0 <-- not valid any more ?
SoundFlags.forceEAX1=0 <--- must be 0 to get EAX 2.0 and higher. (my soundcard doesn't support EAX 3.0, so i play with 2.0)

The first and most important thing i had to do with all packages (UI 1.0,1.1,1.2, HSFX 4.1 and UP) :
  • changing the format of all *.wav-files to mono (currently i use 44Khz, 16 bit, mono)
if i dont do that:
  • the sounds are to loud (you can here a plane/gun or explosion in your cockpit from miles away)
  • they are not 3d (the sounds don´t occur according to the position of the sound source,they all seem to be in the center of the room, especially flyby and multi engine sounds).
I can use other sampling rates (22Khz, 16bit or 8 bit) this will only effect the volume a little bit, but changing them to mono did the job for me.
(the mates i play with, don't have this problem but they don't use surround systems, only stereo)

After research on sites that deal about EAX,It seems to me, that the problem is not caused by Il2 or EAX, but by DirectX sound driver (directplay), who has an unsolved problem with stereo files used for an Surround environment.

After switching to EAX (2.0), imo all sounds have too much reverb and reflections so i had to edit the .prs files in Preset\acoustics:
  • in landscape.prs i changed the vlaue of the room property to -2000 (original 0) (Result: just a slight reverb)
  • in all other cockpit files, those where envnum=8, i changed the value of the room property to -400 (original 4 or 6)
  • in preset\sounds i changed the [spl] section of all motor.*.prs files like this one below:
original, for example:


change to:

107 * 0 2
90 * 8


;107 <--- this line is ignored because it is a comment now (just to save the original value)
107 * 0 2 <-- volume level is set to 107 for outside and gunner position
90 * 8 <--- volume level in the cockpit is set to 90(the more you decrease this value, the better you hear your wingmen and enemy planes, flaps, gears, guns, etc. - 80 works good too.


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Post Fri Aug 26, 2011 8:15 pm

Re: Explanation of environment/sound-source preset - *.prs f

Hi all!

First off all my apologies for reviving this first class educational topic but I'm still looking for a way to alter 'fly by' sounds and add more realism to it.

As I've been working with .prs parameter settings for quite a while now I still can't seem to create a more realistic fly by than a .prs and its parameters seem to allow ... or not?

All my fly by sounds are based on single file samples taken from various audio tracks and are all either aircraft that are flying away from the observer or doing something like a barrel roll which has to be from a steady point relative from the observer in order to get an as long as possible and steady sample to work with.
The problem though is that fly by sounds are usually based on one .wav file which covers the whole thing and only changes pitch as the aircraft passes you. As no aircraft sounds the same while passing an observer as the sound of superchargers, exhaust stacks, props, etc changes during a fly by.

A good example would be a Tempest V Napier Sabre flyby... some rare samples clearly reveal the many different sound 'shapes' if you like, while it approaches, flies by and away from the observer. This actually applies to all aircraft in IL2.

Ideal would be the possibility to divide a fly by external sound in two parts; an approaching and a 'move away' parameter with a set of two corresponding .wav files...

Does anyone know how to set up a preset in a way which could open up this possibility?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Kind regards,



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Post Sat Aug 27, 2011 5:59 am

Re: Explanation of environment/sound-source preset - *.prs f

Well, as i know there is no flyby sound in game and engine sounds applies or attaches to where the engine is (by some hooks), so for each airplane the game produces unique flyby sound depending to its speed and applied throttle (rpm) , you can test it by flying in different speeds and listening to flyby sound, (in low throttle and low rpm you will hear low flyby sound according your applied throttle and in high throttle and rpm you will hear high flyby sound same as the airplane engine produces in that moment if you decrease or increase your speed your flyby sound will also change rapidly ) it is also like real airplanes!

Tjen il-vec

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Post Sat Aug 27, 2011 11:39 am

Re: Explanation of environment/sound-source preset - *.prs f


Thanks for the reply!

You just pointed out the issue with the stock preset settings as any 'controlled by' setting is inlfuenced by the built in doppler effect. There are some alternative settings like .rpm .speed. angle. damage. motorld .propld etc etc... I actually hoped that one of those worked with 'position relative to the observer' which makes a .wav audible on approach and mutes it while moving away and vice versa. The problem I reckon with speed or rpm settings is that the particular audiofile is played based on one of those parameters, not on position ... the Doppler will do the rest.

Anyway, I'll not easily give up and try your suggestion... it might work initially and gives me a platform to go from there.
Damn... it really takes a lot of gymnastics in order to get a setting and .wav combination that really satifies my ambition how a particular aircraft should sound :roll:



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Post Sat Aug 27, 2011 9:02 pm

Re: Explanation of environment/sound-source preset - *.prs f

Hi Tjen il-vec

if i remember right, the DSM (Distant sounds Mod) by RedBatFlight works
in the way you are talking about. Just take a look at his .prs files.

link to DSM http://allaircraftsimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=25540


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Post Sun Aug 28, 2011 7:37 am

Re: Explanation of environment/sound-source preset - *.prs f

Hi there!

Thanks so much for the link! This will help to get the perfect preset / .wav combination I'm after. Yesterday I may have found the 'holy grail' in a parameter combination that came from a setting responsible for prop sounds. These settings have a mix that uses .rpm and .angle in such a way that could open up a new way of creating presets that'll boost IL2's game pleasure like never before!

After some tests yesterday evening it became evident that using a combination of .wav files in order to create the perfect 'F3' sound must be within reach. That'll probably mean that a external sound setting responsible for cruise speed will be based on several .wav files controlled not only by .rpm but .angle and .speed as well.

This'll take a monstrous amount of time as it is just not possible to check every tiny adjustment of a certain parameter 'in flight' as the changed file has to be saved and backed up, the mod activator has to be reloaded and the game itself and a quick mission has to be started which could take up to 3 minutes. The sound assessment takes 3 seconds to like it or not and then all starts over again. So the point where a tiny adjustment is just right can easily take hours to find.. and a complete preset along with it's samples for one aircraft can take days to create. This compared with the long list of aircraft waiting to get the soundmod it deserves :shock:

Anyway, eventually I'll get the idea of what to do with those new settings which will speed up the process I think...

Well, here's my YouTube channel with some old mods that are about to become obsolete when I know how to work with this idea as described above.


It's just a glimpse of what I've been doing two years ago :wink:


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Post Tue Jul 09, 2013 10:35 am

Re: Explanation of environment/sound-source preset - *.prs f

To add to the meaning of SPL, this is the to be sound pressure level of the sound in the game. It directs the engine how loud the sound is regarding the Sim.

So If you have a wav-file with a sound at 0db (loudest possible) then set the SPL level to 20. The sound will play very loud if you are very, very near it.

If on the other hand you have a wav set at around -30db (quite low volume) and set SPL to 150 you will hear the sound out to 50 km !

So SPL in a way tells the engine how far the sound can be heard and not how loud it is played in the first place, of course attenuation will take place according to the set Occlusion values.

Sound in IL2 still is a mess, in fact we would need a kind of calibration system.

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