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New ships in DCG

Perhaps interesting for ship builders:

Some types of ships can be used in DCG to transport ground forces or oil!
These are in IL-2 the following standard ships:

Tramp columns, armor
Tral columns, armor
LCVP columns
MFP columns
DaihatsuLC columns
LVT_2 columns
LCVP columns
LVT_2WAT columns
Tanker Oil supply

DCG use the name of the ship, that is displayed in the "chief.ini"! The generator looks then for the ID within the whole name of the ship.

If you name a new ship for example: HMSLibertyTramp44, DCG will see the "Tramp" and assume it's a transport. Same is with the other IDs!

So if you want, that a new oil tanker works in DCG to supply oil for the troops, than use the ID "Tanker" in the name of the new ship!

The same here:

CV Fleet Carrier
CVE Escort Carrier/Light Carrier
BB Battleship/Super Battleship
CA Cruiser/Light Cruiser
DD Destroyer/Destroyer Escort or similar

Important is, that the ID is included in the name:

Example for a light cruiser: IJNCLJintsuCA
Example for a Destroyer Escort: USSEvartsDDE

The IDs for all these ships are also important, that DCG can recognizes the new ship in the right category, to end a campaign (endcampaign.dcg) and to spawn the ship without problems during the campaign!

Thanks for your support!