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Modifying markings for particular country



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Post Tue Jan 31, 2012 5:12 pm

Modifying markings for particular country

Forgotten countries does great job, but sucks at details. For example, lithuanian markings, displayed by this mod, are all wrong and have no historical accuracy. I'd like to modify things for particular country. So, some questions:
1) Is it possible to somehow modify national insignia position: move it from fin (as it is standart in Il-2) to rudder surface?
2) Is it possible to change tail numbers position and appearance?
3) Is it possible to add new selectable sqadrons and configure effect on tail number (for example planes added to squadron 1 would have A-xxxxx, to squadron 2 - B-xxxxx, etc.)

And most important -
4) Is it possible to put all these changes into downloadable package, to share?

Probably I should ask not "is it possible", but "how to". Anyway, it would be really great to get some short explainations. Probably I could mess with game files and after some trial and error find solutions, but it is much safer to ask people, who are... how to say it... professionals =]

In advance, thank you verry much.


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Re: Modifying markings for particular country

It's possible up to a point. The actual files are sometimes in different places on peoples installations so I can't be too specific - use the browser on your paint program to find them.

Now here's the problem. The actual sizes and exact positions are down to the individual models with some hardcoded generic rules for which roundel or sign should appear. You might be able to script a mod to change the limitations of this (and it is a real limitation - different parts of the airframe model share the same graphic) but that's over my head if possible at all.

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