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New Update For VSF



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Post Mon May 09, 2011 12:48 pm

New Update For VSF

New update for VSF Monday, May 09, 2011

Changes for version 2.3.5

Bug Fixes and new features:
Remote and chase view modes saved with situation.
Docking ropes are saved with situation.
Drag parachute made to match the scale of planes.
Wheels identified always for cars and dampeners are attached to them.
Boat thrusters made weaker and have better physics.
Any vehicle has its own waypoints by default.
Better docking near objects ( check collision must be on ).
Removing old docking points when vehicle is removed.
Cargo can be loaded onto vehicle using cargo loading screen from inside docking screen.
Cargo loading points can be added and edited for each vehicle from cargo points screen.
Scenery robots added with new scripting language defined inside robot_readme.txt file.

Cargo features:
A cargo is defined as mesh file with "cargo" in its name, the contents and weight of any cargo
should be specifief inside "manifest.txt" in the "common" directory.
Cargo can be added to any vehicle which has cargo loading points, for example see the Ranger.
Cargo loading points are defined using the Cargo Points screen from inside the docking screeen.
Any cargo found close to the docking vehicle, less than 250 meters away can be loaded onto it.
Cargo can be unloaded from a vehicle provided there is a land or platform less than 250 meters away.
Upon closing the situation the cargo positions are saved in the situation and also in the scenery, so that a mission for carrying cargo from point A to point B can be started and resumed.

Vehicle waypoints:
Any vehicle has its own set of waypoints now, to add waypoints to all vehicles at once,
no vehicle must be selected in the map, when a vehicle is selected only it will show and
allow editing of its waypoints.
To deselect a vehicle double click on an empty area on the map, when selecting a vehicle,
this selection "sticks" so you can continue to edit its waypoints.
when switching from vehicle to vehicle the waypoints you see and buoys you see are all
related to the vehicle you are at.
When editing waypoints you can select any waypoint from any vehicle directly on the map,
selecting one waypoint on its path will select the owner vehicle and its waypoint child.

Scenery robots:
Any mesh file or animation file with "robo" in its name is defined as a scenery robot.
A scenery robot is composed on "x" mesh/animation file, script "txt" file with the same name,
and optionally sounds.
The script file contains basic set of instructions shown inside the "robo_readme.txt" file,
these instructions are carried out in order, and possibly looped through goto command.
See three samples "robo_crane_anim", "robo_anim1", "robo_box1" in common directory.
Try to add these objects to the scenery in design mode and see what they do, open their "txt"


Any time there is a update to VSF I will post it here and date it.


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Post Mon May 09, 2011 1:40 pm

Re: New Update For VSF

Wow, DM!

The updates are always quite a list, but that one is huge!

Obviously, this is a very quick developing sim that we have here. :D



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Post Mon May 09, 2011 5:03 pm

Re: New Update For VSF

Great!! ::))

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