Full Version: [WIP] Emils Jabos: Bf-109E-1/B and E-3/B on new slots
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Bf-109E-1/B and E-3/B on new slots
[Image: emilsjabos2.jpg]
DOWNLOAD Bf-109E-1/B and Bf-109E-3/B
DOWNLOAD Bf-109E-1/B and Bf-109E-3/B

Cannon_UK is working on a new early canopy for the E-1/E-3 series, to be included on next update.

Both aircraft fly by the E-4 flight model.

Mod by Muas, using Ranwers early canopy and pilot meshes from Bf-109E-1
Default skins by Canon_UK


everyday is like christmas with you!! Big Grin


Muas you are like a factory, churning out mods!!


Great news, and the correct canopy even greater!!!
Thanks, Thanks, Thanks :!:


Good grief guys! I think my head's gonna pop, but what a way to go! Awesome job all.


Hey Muas. if you continue that speed, you soon will have create every version of the 109.

| x |
My new fantasy plane, the Bf-109 Tripple _____(+)_(+)_(+)______
/\ /\ /\
' ' ' ' ' '


New canopy! Excellent! Can't wait.


Just wait and see :wink: 8)

BF-109 F4

Holy crap!! Please stop! Breathe a bit!!! :lol:
They are right m8! You create Bf's faster than the Luftwaffe factory's at max speed production!
You might have noticed that i like Bf's very much (specially the F4) just by looking my nick but....Damn!!
I was already surprised with the number of Bf's when i received the game but now... How many planes you have more to share?( you don't need to answer :wink: ) :lol:
Soon there will be more Bf's than all the other planes in the list lol.
Keep it up with the good work, im loving all the Bfs Big Grin
Using all your planes and no problems at all.


Hi Muas,
I've noticed that Bf-109E-1B (and Bf-109E-1) shoot their wing canons in spite of not having them. I hope this can be solved.





I don' t get it, but I cant see any of those newly added planes from U muas - and why, beats the hell out of me???

I've done exactly like explaimed and even copied the old buttonsfile before overwriting with the new one for 0.93 (UI 1.1.1).
My game runs like a kitten, but can't see the new planes...
What can be wrong???



Muas if you get all these 109s being made sent into the admins for testing, they might see the light of day in the UI :wink:.


Installation was easy enough, and ran in quick missions fine, went into an old me 109 poland campaign and changed plane types without making any other changes and ran fine thru fmb. BUT.. when i went into fmb again and tried to change what plane i was in it instantly locked up my fmb. Tried this with both planes and same result, i can still swap planes in existing missions without any ill effects, but once clicking on what plane instant lock up, have to close game thru task manager. I was in 409 mods enabled and have u1.1.1 installed. I have not added new butons files and had no 60% crash etc.


stugumby - that's an issue with the original E-1 mod by Ranwers. it happens on certain computers. I think it's to do with how the early canopy is added which is why I'm working on a new proper early Bf109 canopy.

jcalonso - are you sure they're cannons? On my installation they fire MG17 from the wings and nose.


I think he says that they fire out of nowhere as the default skin seems to miss(?) the MG holes on the wings... :?
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