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UPDATE Ver.0.85 12212009

This MOD gives more reality to A6M's cockpits.
We will re-creat each difference between each type and production period of A6Ms.
We would like to say this MOD is finalized by many help and co-operation from many persons
include members of Tainan-kosho, thnak you very much.
Also Sepcail thanks to Mr.Igamo who made nice texture for instruments and it's panel, Mr.RZ who
made great skins.
You can change A6M2 to a Rabaul style by a batch file included in our MOD.

///// Update /////

1. Added A6M2-N(Float type), model 62, 63.
2. Model 52 type Hei was also improved.
3. Compatible with HSFX4.1
4. Added a rubber band to back side of seat.
5. Made differeces of second frame by each production period.
6. Re-shaped loop antenna of "Kruesi compass".
  No one can see it from cockpit though....
7. Set a winder for arresting hook up.
8. Made smoothing between canopy and back side windshield.
9. Realized section surface of upper opening part of third frame and fourth frame.
10. Made differeces by production period.
11. Improved the feel of material by detailed texture skin.
12. Simplized description of "him" file by integrated mesh flies.

and so on.

known problems
1. The right panel in A6M2-N is conjectured image.
  Unfortunately we found no real photo yet...
2. No animation for new instruments and meters yet.

We will update these problems by version by version, all updates intgrates to "Tainan-kosho MOD pack".
Please check up at AAA site,
(The link is inoperative)

[Image: A6M2-N_1.jpg]
[Image: A6M2-N_2.jpg]
[Image: A6M7.jpg]

1.Restructure every basic dimensions.
2.Corrected 2nd to 5th frames of fuselage to the right position.
3.Corrected 1st part of windshield shape regarding correction of fuselage.
4.Moved instruments and instrument board to the right position.
5.Wrong vended canopy rail was corrected to straight.
6.Corrected shape of 3rd part of windshield regarding correction of fuselage.
7.Realized the different position between instruments of each type of models.
8.Added indicators of flap and hook.
9.Corrected canopy lock to right shape and set it up on right position.
10.Made more detail up for side panel.
11.Made more detail up for back side of seat.
12.Corrected a shape of seat of earch A6M to A6M3-32.
13.Added a mixture indicator of earch A6M to A6M3-32.
14.Removed a change lever and its reciever for supercharger from A6M to A6M2-21
15.Made an original cockpit for A6M3-32 regarding 14.
16.Added temparature indicator for intake air to A6M to A6M3-32.
17.Reshaped 1st part of windshield's upper edge for A6M5b, A6M5c to straight.
18.Corrected and reshaped 13mm type 3 machingun for A6M5b, A6M5c.

Other small issues are also done.

[Image: pit_M2b.jpg]
[Image: pit_M3_32.jpg]
[Image: pit_M3_22.jpg]
[Image: pit_M5.jpg]
[Image: pit_M5b.jpg]
[Image: pit_M5c.jpg]
[Image: left.jpg]
[Image: right.jpg]
[Image: back.jpg]

[Image: back_Rabaul.jpg]

[Image: back_Standard.jpg]

Some extra issue...
Corrected a damage model of intruments of Ki-43.
[Image: Ki-43.jpg]

///////// instruction of installing /////////
1. Delete old version of "Tainan_Cockpit_A6M" folder or rename it to "-Tainan_Cockpit_A6M"

....just add "-".
If you use Ki-43, move Ki-43 folder to safty place.
2. Copy new version of Tainan_Cockpit_A6M folder to just in the "MODS" folder which is normally

located in your IL-2 folder.
It si same for HSFX.
3. If you need, put Ki-43 folder into "Cockpit" folder of Tainan_Cockpit_A6M\3do...


////////// Uninstall ///////////
Just delete installed folder and files, but we are not sure as you know....

/////Downloadl///// ... A6M085.rar


Thank you.

Tainan technical and development department.

[Image: ttd_bn3.jpg]


Thank you ! Great job !


yeah! good work! thank you! 8)

FINALLY a great rapresentative cockpit for the ZEKE!!!!!

T H A N K S ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Thank very much for your work and time! Very nice!




Very good work. Real attention to detail.


At Last! Its great to finally have a decent Zero cockpit - thanks for all your hard work!
Very much thanks!


Looks great- thankyou!! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin


I take it you pick the bacth file you want to use but where do I place the batch file? Thanks Big Grin


I know everyones buzy but can someone help me with the batch file placement? Thanks Big Grin


"Please put the batch file just under "MODS" folder"

I assume he means just put it into the mods folder?


I assume he means .Bat file, and Bat files go to the main IL-2 1946 folder.


Did someone get it figured out where to place the batch file ? Big Grin
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