Full Version: [DOWNLOAD] Polikarpov I-153 Cockpit Repaint
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Weird :???:

I didn't include a Hier file or any meshes in the mod, so it must be something else causing the trouble. Try deactivating the repaint and see how it looks...


Bee !
Wilco and report back :wink:


Cheers mate, standing by....


Hi' Bee !
Did a bit of testing and it does look like the point of wiev is higher in the Mod cockpit !!curiouser!!
Happy Landings


Very odd indeed! As I said, there are no new meshes or even a hier file in my mod. Just Mats and TGA's. Perhaps some of the 850 other people who downloaded could report if they have some issue too? :???:

BTW, how does one move a mod from WiP status to complete? Can I post a link in the cockpit section, or is it up to the moderators to move the thread there?
I'd suggest starting a separate released thread in the relevant section. If you're sure it's ready and want to release it, i'll lock up this thread once you've sorted out posting it as finalised.


Thanks Bee !
Ok I'm New to IL-2 1946 and how to install MODS.
Love the I-153 and have D\L the cockpit.
Now WHAT do I do with it? What files do I put it in and where are the files located????

Thanks for the HELP !!! :?:


Just put the folder 'cockpit-I-153' straight into the 'mods' folder.

Unfortunatelly,but link is dead!
PLEASE reuploaded the cockpit skin

Thank you!
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