Full Version: [Beta] GB Gladiator Cockpits***Update 24/06***
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Charlie Chap


Updated links (first post) to Rapidshare. (there was a problem with Filefront after a certain volume of downloads)


Charlie Chap. Any chance of being able to have this mark 2 gunsight for the hurricane and spitfire mark 1? Big Grin


Hi, where is the link to get the other gladiators fyable? i already have the sea gladiator flyable and dont use AAA UI. thx.




Oh hell no, J8a cockpit aint finnish,its Swedish..


i noticed when the mod was installed that my early spitfires smoke (incorect mixture effect) . Can anyone else verifiy this?

Charlie Chap


I think its incredibly unlikely that this mod makes early spitfires smoke.

It has a small alteration in the Gladiator cockpit classes to reference a new cockpit folder. ...thats it....only change.

Installed anything else ?


Can we please do another rehost? I'm sorry but Rapidshare refuses to permit some downloads.


Say me please, I am download and unzip this MOD to MOD-folders. as wrote in instructions, bat I have old instruments and gunsight Sad . What is it? What I must do? :???: Sorry my English. Thank you.
Are you aware that RapidShare puts a limit on one download for a free user. I downloaded the first cockpit file and was then told that as a free user I had reached my limit and would have to attempt to download the second file at some other time.


The rapidshare limit is 15 minutes between downloads. So download one file and then go watch some TV ads or look up the German word for 'cleft-chin' and then come back and download the second file Tongue


Hi guys,
I have the Gladiators flyable from UI 1.2
I also installed the Sea Gladiator but since when I installed this mod I have no cockpit for them at all... :???:
Anyone that could give me a hand?
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