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Notice: This only only a WIP side. If you want to download the official version, go to:
[MOD] Focke Wulf FW-190 A-3 ver 1.6 *UPDATE*

Developement since version 1.6:

The developement of the cockpit is still beta and not in this patch!
Link to the other cockpit developement: viewtopic.php?t=8839&start=0


First of all a thank you for this well done mod. The A-3 and the Brewster Buffalo are my favorite AC in IL-2.

I whould like to make some constructive critic

1. When I take a look at the model of the A-3, I only can see 8 exhaust systems on both sides.
The 5 exhaust systems below the system are not to see

[Image: fw190a_auspuff_01.jpg]

-Surce-: Focke-Wulf Fw 190A/F - Walk Around, sqadron/signal publications, ISBN 0-89747-414-7, page 42

This part of the photo shows the exhaust systems at the bottom

[Image: fw190_a3_bausatz_01.JPG]

I made a photo of the Tamiya - model where you can see the whole bottom wing

2. Is it possible to show the wheel indicate at the top of the wing?
Taiman made the same mod for the "Zero". All FW190 models were equipped with this wheel indicator

[Image: fw190a_fahrwerksanzeige_01.jpg]

-Source-: Focke-Wulf Fw 190A/F - Walk Around, sqadron/signal publications, ISBN 0-89747-414-7, page 49

"Viele Gr


Since this is not a self install what do I do with the different components to install & do I need to make additions to the STD files if I already have an A-3 installed? Big Grin


Hi I/JG27_Waggel Big Grin ,
beautiful work guys !! I just gave it test ride and it's superb including sound .

EDIT: I just saw read me for FW190A-3 Revi c12 Gunsight v1.0b (but with reduced textures for online playing)
Will investigate some more about DIMMER GLASS..........

Thank you Big Grin



Hey Waggel,
Im DL'ing now and will fly it online in spits and 109's as much as I can and will post back here by the end of next week. I'll post any problems if they are found.....Cheers


Great Work, I have the orginal release and this a wonderful change. I love the new revi and the thing in front of the stick. Also the sounds are awesome! This is one of the best of the modded planes made!


@ Dietz: There is a ReadMe in the folder "FW-190_A-3_UI1.2b_version.0.1b"

@ HolyGrail: The dimmer still is WIP. The message in the console is a result of this. But it should not make big problems.

@ Badger Spit vs. 109 is a good test server. Lots of players and statistics in the background. I made several missions on this server and here we got the problem, that the 90MB cockpit is too big for online flying. There are two maps. Channel dash (sunday ride with an A-3) and channel-43. This map really is thrilling. Makes much fun. Both maps are running on Joes channel beta.

@ fpoamaster
The release of the A-3 was the first step. Now we want to see how deep we can go into the "little shit" :-D


Thanks, cool upgrade on my favorite radial engine plane.


bolox Wrote:as a dedicated offliner i'm slightly concerned about 'reducing textures' and i've got to say the only impact i see of large textures is increased loadtimes- if you think 90mb is bad my ju88 must be appalling :oops: at 600mb.
never had a complaint about online with that, tho a couple of people dropped other positions due to very old rigs

can you use the larger textures from 1st version?

Offline and online are two different sections. Offline you might go a little bit more into high quality textures. But online you have to watch the performance. With high resolution textures you will get grafic stutter. If you are using a track IR you will see that your head does not move very quik if you use high quality textures. It is not much but in a dogfight every quarter of a second counts. Pilots with old computers notice these effects in former times. Pilots with new computers notice these effects later.

Next thing is: If every new plane has textures with a size of round about 150MB, the new patches for the Unified installer rise dramatically. You whould have a 2Gig patch or much more. The AAA community had problems to pay the download traffic in the last few months. Big patches whould strengthen this financing problem much more.

I can make a high resolution patch for the A-3. Thats no problem. This patch whould be shared on rapidshare or filefront. This will not take the AAA sources. It also whould not go into the official Unified Installer.


This mod came with the ui 1.3?

Why not ui 1.2?


The time cut for the UI1.2 was yesterday. All the works should have been sent yesterday. I wrote a letter to Mongouse but I got no reply. It looks like this work will go into the UI.1.3 patch


Works great, except for the dimmer. I love the new sounds, thanks!


Can I relable the folder to simply FW-190A-3 ?


@ Dietz

Yes you can!




Hi Waggel,

1) Is the PK bug really gone? (I am sure it is but never say never)
:oops: What is the PK bug? I never realise...

2) Do you have problems with the new revi? Bad textures, graphic bugs etc.
No, looks really nice and even better then the older one!
Particular the green, yellow and red indicators on the tachometer and pressure indicator. It's quiet important.

3) Do you like the new sound? It sounds more like the BMW 801 radial engine now.
The new sound might be the right one, but the old one sounded so brutal dangerous like a predator... :wink:
I had a Beetle for a couple of years and I remember the sound very well... very unique indeed.
But I'm confident we can life with this sound as well! 8)

Very nice done! !S
Jambo Big Grin
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