Full Version: [MOD] Spitfire Mk.IXe 25lbs (new slot)
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Hello everybody,

This is just a "I was bored" mod that came to my mind. We already have a 25lbs Spitfire in the game but with the old c wing (4x.303, 2x20mm) instead of the more potent e Wing (2x.50, 2x20mm) that better suits such a late war Spitfire variant!

This mod does not require a new buttons file as it uses an existing flight model. Just follow the installation instructions in the readme and you're good to go ... 0a1ae8665a

Have fun!


Can never get enough Spitfires............thanks m8 8)

Up to making a F.21, F.22 or F.24 or a Griffon Seafire to complete the set?


We could have at least made a more proper flight model for this "too-uber" spit. :?

But who am I to complain. Good work, none the less.


Big Grin


will this be in your ,mod pack?



Hass anybody been able to get the 312 Mph at sea level, level flight, a Spit Mk IX is supposed to be doing?

Thank you for the E wing, a simple mod well overdue


No but you can get 330 mph out of the IX spitfires in game at 200m alt, this is pretty much accurate for the IX. I regularly run tests for TAS on the Crimea map for my own survival knowledge and the Spitfire can do this.

The 25lber did exist btw, it just uses the 150 octane fuel. As far as I know only 2 squadrons were equipped and they weren't on the front lines. The modelling is fairly accurate for this type. My real 'problem' with the 25lber is really the Spitfire one, the way it refuses to lose energy, especially in zoom climb.


Keep in mind that the 25lbs boost Spitfire IX is a low altitude aircraft, as in that phase of the war most or all Spitfire IX squadrons were assigned to the fighter bomber role. Their performance at altitude is less than spectacular and pretty much any Luftwaffe fighter of that same time period will leave it standing with ease. At low altitudes, hugging the trees the 25lbs er is however still a force to be reckoned with as it has acceptable speed and even more so an incredible rate of climb and agility!
Brilliant Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue +
Any skins available for this kite :?:
Any IXe skins will do m8 :wink:


anti-addick Wrote:My real 'problem' with the 25lber is really the Spitfire one, the way it refuses to lose energy, especially in zoom climb.

Bingo. That's exactly what makes me dislike this plane and the La-7 Tongue


Hi everybody!
I'm getting this extrange problem with this aircraft:
The plane doesn't show in the showscreen witn RAF or RN air forces selected. Other nationalities and she shows OK:

[Image: spitMkixe25lbs_2.jpg]
RAF or RN:
[Image: spitMkixe25lbs.jpg]
and if I load the mission (no matter which air force i choose) I get this error message:
[Image: spitMkixe25lbs_3.jpg]

Any ideas?

Best regards,


This doesnt seem like it is related to my mod but to some other one, I BET you have the same problem with the normal Spitfire Mk.IXe with RAF markings too!

This kind of issue pops up if there is a file that wants to acces a non existant texture file, in this case the file "Pilot1.mat" wants to load a pilot texture that just isnt there!

To solve the issue:

search in your MODS folder for the following folder


Then open it, locate the Pilot1.mat file, open it with Notepad or Text Editor and check if the following is true:

TextureName ..\Textures\pilot1.tga

If not, then adjust it accordingly


Thanks Karaya!

You were right on the money!
I have a MOD named "Pilot Skins" which caused all the trouble.
I made the appropriate changes in Pilot.mat as you suggested and everithing works fine now.

Best Regards,

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