Full Version: [MOD] I-15bis with Wheelspats
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[Image: i15biswheelspats.jpg]

Thanks to:

Ranwers for the original wheelspats on the P.24 (haven't asked first, I totally forgot about it mate. If you object against me using them, please say so)
Slow for the editing in 3d of the wheelspats, adding them to the I-15bis.
RealDarko for his idea

Lefty Hartnett



Awesome, thank you slow!


Nice very Nice.
Lookin' GOod.


URL in first post


No, it replaces the I-15bis that comes with the 4.09 patch. Just dump into your MODS folder.


No 4.09 patch = no plane to have wheel wants on Smile


It does not work in 4.08 (you get a I153)
Halppy Landings


I have 4.09 + UI 1.2 but no I-15


Me to I've got 409m but and have just down loaded the cockpit from sas and no show in the game any chance someone could post the AI aircraft from the new 409 patch or better still the compleat aircraft for down load as it seem crazy to down load 409 again just for an this aircraft.


Ditto here. I have both 4.09 and 1.2 and dropped this into my mods folder and nothing. Sad


Looks nice, but I got an issue with this mod:

With the wheel spats the plane can't stand properly on the landing gear. Visually speaking, the wheels with spats and the struts of the undercarriage are there, but the plane is falling on its belly like if with no landing gear. This makes impossible to take off or to land without crashing.

Does anyone having the same issue?

I really hope this can be fixed, because the wheel spats makes even the ugly I-15bis looks sexy Big Grin

Thank you...


Big Grin

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