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*Updated Version V0.09 as of August 08, 2010*
* Download links are on the bottom of this post *


this is version 0.09 update of the F-86 with Sidewinders.

Latest Changes:
Update Version 0.09:
* Splash logo removed.
* 20% boot stage message can be deactivated in conf.ini by adding the following lines to the end
  of your conf.ini file:
* Boot time file check temporarily disabled due to incompatibilities with UP 1.8.
* Right wing mesh issues for US planes resolved (hopefully)
* Engagement issue regarding missile lock on friendly A/Cs resolved (pre-BETA)

We decided to choose a fictional version of the F-86 for this mod.
The F-86J has indeed been planned in order to let the US get benefit from the stronger Orenda engines instead of the J-47s.
However, it has never been built in numbers for real.

This mod provides the F-86J in it's own slot, together with a new FM which overcomes some weaknesses against the Migs and implements the more powerful Orenda 14 engines.
Please make sure that you drop your tanks or bombs before entering the dogfight, otherwise you'll overstress the wing structure.

[Image: f86jv005.jpg]
Sidewinder Demo Video

Installation Instructions:
Extract to IL-2 "MODS" folder.
Please remove the old versions of this mod first and re-install the new one.
If you've edited the for version 0.01 through 0.04 of this mod, please replace the entries for F-86J with the ones shown below.

This mod utilizes "DiffFM" mod for Flight Modelling.
If "DiffFM" mod is already part of your installation, you might want to remove
the file "294ABC86A89FAEB4" from this installation since it's already installed
on your system. However there's no damage arising from having this file more
than once.

Ini file changes:
Mandatory ini file changes:

to air.ini
F-86J             air.F_86J     1                               usa01 SUMMER
Optional ini file changes::

F-86J                F-86J-1 Sabre, 1953

# F-86J
F-86J.default                             Default
F-86J.2xSidewinder                        2x Sidewinder
F-86J.2x207gal                            2x207 gal. Droptanks
F-86J.2x207gal+2xSidewinder               2x207DT + 2xAIM9
F-86J.2x120gal                            2x120 gal. Combat Droptanks
F-86J.2x120gal+2xSidewinder               2x120DT + 2xAIM9
F-86J.2x1000lbs                           2x1000 lbs Bombs
F-86J.2x1000lbs+2xSidewinder              2x1000lb + 2xAIM9
F-86J.MK12+207gal                         MK 12 Nuke + 207 gal. DT
F-86J.MK12+207gal+2xAIM9                  MK 12 + 207DT + 2xAIM9
F-86J.MK12+3x207gal                       MK 12 + 3x207DT
F-86J.MK12+3x207gal+2xAIM9                MK 12 + 3x207DT + 2xAIM9
F-86J.MK12+207gal+2x120gal                MK 12 + 207DT + 2x120DT
F-86J.MK12+207gal+2x120gal+2xAIM9         MK 12 + 207DT + 2x120DT + 2xAIM9
F-86J.none                                Empty

Skin Folder:
Skin folder name is "F-86J".

Q: What other mods are recommended in order to use the F-86J Mod?
A: Basically a plain vanilla UltraPack 2.01 or HSFX 4.1/4.11 installation is known to work properly.
   Plain 4.09m with SAS mod activator and
   "F-86A-F and Mig15-17s of PeterD's, from HSFX41/up20 v2"
   installed will work too, if you rename the folders accordingly (please see 2 questions below).
   Other modded games might or might not work flawlessly with this mod. If you've modded you game on your
   own, it's basically your piece of work and hence your responsibility if something went wrong.

Q: Will an SAS mod installation work as well?
A: Basically yes, but since the F-86J relies on an existing F-86F installation, you must have the Mod
   "F-86A-F and Mig15-17s of PeterD's, from HSFX41/up20 v2" installed which can currently be found here:,3445.0.html
Q: I've installed the PeterD's F-86s from SAS, but now parts of the ordnance aren't visible.
A: Please rename the SAS F-86 Mod folder from "PeterDs_HSFXUP_Sabres" to "00_PeterDs_HSFXUP_Sabres".
Q: The F-86J mod only works with "empty" loadout, all others will crash on load from the QMB/FMB :-/
A: You've got a conflicting mod installed which interferes with the M3 Browning guns.
   Mods known to cause this are, for instance, the P-51B UP and Hellcat cutout mods from UP2.0.
   Please look here for a solution to this issue:,4902.msg49064.html#msg49064
Q: I'm using the "Advanced Engine Management" mod. Does this work well with the F-86J?
A: Unfortunately both the "Advanced Engine Management" and the "DiffFM" mod, which both aren't our
   property, touch the same stock game file. Since the AEM mod is missing the DiffFM functionality
   and vice versa, we provided some merged version of the AEM mod which includes the DiffFM functions
   and hence provides compatibility of both.
   Please download the merged version from: or
   For installation, please deactivate the "Advanced Engine Management" mod in JSGME first, then extract
   the contents of the zip file to your IL-2 directory, overwriting the existing file "294ABC86A89FAEB4".
   Afterwards open JSGME and activate the "Advanced Engine Management" mod again.
   Additionally, please delete the file "294ABC86A89FAEB4" from the F-86J's mod folder
   and from wherever else you might find it.
Q: Do you recommend any other mods for installation together with this mod?
A: Yes, a lot.
   The most important things to improve the experience and playability are:
   - Freddy's Sabre Cockpits. Can be found e.g. here:,2786.0.html
   - santobr's Big Bombs Explosion Effects. Can be found e.g. here:,1843.0.html
   - Additional Skins, can be found at M4T:

Credits, Thanks and other stuff:
Credits for Sidewinder and flame, MK 12 and Pylon 3D models and skinning go to Deutschmark (creator).
Credits for the idea of homing AAMs go to Twister.
Credits for base F-86 go to PeterD, Josse, C6 (it's the F-86 model included in UltraPack 2.x I'm referencing)
Thanks to SAS for letting me shift between two worlds (*g*) and for providing all that support for the
F-86 base versions this mod is referring to.

Revision History:
Update Version 0.09:
* Splash logo removed.
* 20% boot stage message can be deactivated in conf.ini by adding the following lines to the end
  of your conf.ini file:
* Boot time file check temporarily disabled due to incompatibilities with UP 1.8.
* Right wing mesh issues for US planes resolved (hopefully)
* Engagement issue regarding missile lock on friendly A/Cs resolved (pre-BETA)
Update Version 0.08:
* AIM-9 guidance algorithm improved again. Now the missile will fly a calculated interception path to
  the predicted impact point rather than chasing behind the target.
* AIM-9 targetting mechanism takes engine positions into account.
  The missile won't just track the target aircraft, but the engine which produces most heat instead.
* AIM-9 target selection reworked.
  The missile calculates an average value from relative target position and orientation, and
  takes the target which produces the maximum heat within relatively close angle into account.
* AIM-9 launch pattern finally reworked.
  High AoA and high bank launches work right now, the missile stays clear of the A/C.
* Manual engagement modes implemented.
  When airborne, the brake key (default: "b") will toggle engament modes in the following order:
  Default mode at mission launch time is "AUTO".
* General bugfixes applied according to reported bugs as of V0.06.
Update Version 0.07:
* Top secret, eyes only ;-)
Update Version 0.06:
* Wing mesh bug for US paintscheme (detached pylon etc.) fixed.
* AIM-9 engagement mechanism reworked:
  - The missile engages when:
    ~ A valid target is in lock position or
    ~ An enemy is in sight (this refers to the pilot's view direction and visible distance, taking
      visibility limitations like clouds, smoke, obstacles etc. into account).
    As a result, the missiles won't engage when an enemy approaches from behind without pilot's notice.
  - The missile disengages when:
    ~ There's not enemy target valid for engagement for more than 10 seconds.
  - It's impossible to launch a missile when it isn't even engaged.
    However, it's still possible to launch an engaged, but non-locked missile.
    A non-locked missile won't track and hence won't hit anything unless being fired straight
    towards a target.
  - Engagement status feedback both audible ("growl") and visible (HUD log) now.
Update Version 0.05:
* New loadout options, e.g.:
  - Inner pylons can carry additional load now.
  - MK 12 nuclear bomb available.
* AI can use the Sidewinder correctly now. They only launch the missile if the Pk is reasonable good enough and they only attack Aircrafts with them.
  Two issues remain, which cannot be resolved without touching stock game classes:
  - AI sometimes tells that they launched a "rocket" when they didn't.
  - AI doesn't move tactically clever in order to launch a missile. They enter good Pk positions mainly by mistake.
  That's due to the fact that missiles are rockets to AI, they try launch them on their own behalf in the maneuver class (which is being abandoned in the missile's class then) and they try to get in close contact to the target for launching their missiles, whereas it would be much more clever to stay away a kilometer or two in order to have a good Sidewinder kill
* Leading guidance algorithm implemented.
  The Sidewinder will head for the theoretical impact point in contrast to the former pure chasing algorithm.
  Even the tendency to have a little remaining chasing part in the flight path is implemented, even if just due to a slightly unprecise calculation method.
* Engagement Envelope implemented.
  The Sidewinders won't track their target anymore if the engagement envelope doesn't apply to the current tactical situation.
  There are annoying things that can make your Sidewinder go straight now, such as exceeding the 2G limit on launch time ;)
* Sidewinder Lock-on sound ("growl") implemented.
  You can hear two types of growl:
  Low frequency means that Sidewinder is searching for Lock. This sound is emitted when Sidewinders are engaged (which happens automatically as soon as there's some enemy within 5km range and you've got Sidewinders left on your aircraft).
  High frequency means that Sidewinder has locked on to a target.
  *** Be careful and consider: ***
  A locked target doesn't mean that you will probably kill it from this position.
  It just means that your Sidewinder can see and lock the target, not necessarily that it can fight it, too.
* Flight path on launch time improved.
  The first second of flight the Sidewinder will try to stay free from your aircraft.
  This has been implemented in a very basic way in V0.04 already, now the new version takes the launching aircraft's roll angle into aspect and the missile doesn't "ditch" that deep anymore. Furthermore it flies a kind of sinus path and recovers perfectly in front of your nose, pointing to where your aircraft is pointing, after the first second of flight is completed.
* Minor other things improved here and there, for instance the Flight Model will be selected automatically according to whether there's a DiffFM model available, a buttons one or a placeholder from another F-86 must be used.
  Furthermore there's a new class available doing calculation stuff like angle to/from target, distance to target, angle offsets, Pk calculation etc.*********************************************************************************************************
Update Version 0.04:
* Cockpit class changed back to basic F-86F Cockpit.
  As a result, Freddy's F-86 Cockpit works again in Version 0.04.
  The previous Gyro Gunsight issues which lead to the classfile change in version 0.03 could be sorted out while maintaining the base class support.
  Special thanks to US_GRANT, norm and Cranky.1 for heads-up on this.
* Launch sequence speed issue resolved:
  In version 0.03 the Sidewinder's launch speed was much too low when the launching aircraft was running at high speed.
  This issue has been solved.
  Special thanks to Lt.Wolf for heads-up on this.[/list]
Update Version 0.03:
* Missile, Pylon and Flame 3D Model and Skin from Deutschmark with assistance from Lt.Wolf. Thanks a bomb for the great work especially to Deutschmark!
* Sidewinder warhead power is reduced again.
* Sidewinder acceleration curve has been changed. The missile now accelerates to app. Mach 1.7 withing 2.2 secs and enters a gliding path then.
* Rocket engine burn time reduced to 2.2 seconds. Fire from the rocket engine will stop then.
* Gas generator for electricity runs for 20 seconds. Smoke stops then and missile will glide somewhat straight on.
* Gyro gunsight is working now, including Auto Range finder.
* Target selection reworked. If no padlock is set, the missile will select the target closest to your crosshair in range automatically. Auto Range finder uses the same targetting mechanism.
* Separate Auto Homing and Padlock versions joined to a single missile version. When padlock is active, the padlocked target will be used, otherwise target selection takes place automatically.
* Rockets are now both assigned to button 3 as expected, they fire independently.
* AI can make use of the rockets, too. However, tactical estimation for AI needs some more tuning to let it choose more promising situations for firing the rockets.
* Missile leaves the pylon with app. 8° pitch down to stay clean from the wings, it then raises to gain some altitude for the next second.
  This envelope can be quite tricky in high bank situations, where it's generally not recommended to fire AIM-9Bs anyway.
* AI and human player share the same targetting and controlling logic now.[/list]

Update Version 0.02:
* Sidewinder warhead power is vastly reduced. This one will not kill a Tu-4 on the first impact for sure anymore. However, Migs will still be blown from the sky if you score a direct hit.
* Maneuverability is vastly reduced. It's pretty hard to score a hit when shooting at your enemy head-on, better to be following him.
* Sidewinder speed on launch raises slowly. You can watch your AIM-9 leaving the pylon now :wink:
  However crashing your own plane on launch due to collision isn't implemented yet.
* AI planes, including your wingmen, will not fire the Sidewinder at all.
  Currently there's something strange going on when AI tries to launch this missile, by now I only had a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea in that either the rocket gets fired by AI and subsequently messes up the game within seconds, or it's blowing the AI plane itself right on launch.
  This will require some further investigation.
* Rocket Flame Sprite and white smoke effect changed.
  It's still not like I'd like to have it, but I can't do all the work at once.
* Typo fixed in description. Of course button 3 and 4 fire the missiles, not 2 and 3 like written in my first description.
  I beg your pardon. I'm a programmer, the first button for me is No. "0" :mrgreen: [/list]
Version 0.01:
* Initial Version, forget about it.

Download Links (Filefront, Mediafire and ADRIVE so far):

Version 0.09:

For Discussions regarding this Version of the F-86J Mod, please refer to the

F-86J V0.09 Discussion Thread

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