Full Version: Bf-110 in 4.10
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Will be possible have flyable the Bf-110C-4 anf C-4B in 4.10?
They are very important for BoB Campaign. Thanks for any informations.
Am sure once they really get 4.10 working just fine with most
Other mods from 4.09 it will not be to long after that all AI
Planes in 4.10 will be flyable, so just hang in there, I know
Of one right now but there are still many issue with it to
Be worked on.



Yes Deutschmark many mods created for 4.09 works fine in 4.10, one of the few that are incompatible are the Bf-110. Thanks for your kindly reply.
Mods that are not compatible from 4.09m to 4.10m usually involve .class files.
TD changed some stuff and that's why we're having problems.

Apparently, they are making some other changes (reversing) with the update they are working on, so a lot of modders, including myself, are in a holding pattern.