Full Version: installing mod maps in 4.10m
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~S~ Every One
Has any one installed any of the mod maps from 4.09m into the
new 4.10m Patch? Jink or any one let me know
Thank You!
So far I've had good luck installing maps from 4.09 to 4.10.
Just run their installs like you would for 4.09m.

Maps I've installed so far:

vol North Africa_Italy_Greece
352nd Cross Channel Map
B29 Alley Map
Philippines Map
FlyZo's Channel Map
Cannon's Channel Map



I have all the maps working with 4.10. All you need is to do, is add Boomer Pack from SAS to mods.
It has virtually all the objects in same pack.
Just read the instructions and you should be fine.