Full Version: EastBalt (beta) summer and winter version
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As I promised, the winter version of the map is now, in February, released, together with reworked summer one.
It was tested in HSFX4.1, UP2.01 and Il2v4.10 with SASmodact2.5.
You can d/l it here: ... %20Beta.7z

Installation instructions are included in the pack.
Here are some screenshots:

[Image: th_2302201122-34-57.jpg][Image: th_2302201122-27-03.jpg][Image: th_2302201122-26-16.jpg][Image: th_2302201122-25-31.jpg]
[Image: th_2302201122-24-52.jpg][Image: th_2302201122-23-21.jpg][Image: th_2302201122-21-54.jpg][Image: th_2302201122-21-00.jpg]


Nice Map :Smile)

Will Download and test ASAP :Smile)

Awesome!!!, thanks Uzin. Big Grin


Thank you very much, Uzin!
Good job uzin. All that work and time has finally paid off. I'm impressed with the nice looking airfields. I'll DL this weekend and have a look.