Full Version: First Flight For VSF.
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Here we have First Flight Pack that includes the Kitty Hawk scenery,
The Wright Flyer and the Horseless Carriage.

[Image: FF1.jpg]

Just unzip with folder names on inside the ( First Flight ) folder you
Will find the Kitty Hawk scenery folder just put that right into your
VSF scenery folder and you will also find The Wright Flyer and the
Horseless Carriage just put them into your VSF vehicles folder and
You will be good to go.

Please read the read-me.

First Flight scenery made by RAF Python
First Flight 3D models made by Deutschmark

Download Link;

Hope you all enjoy First Flight.
Deutschmark, RAF Python


I have this addon and it is soo beautifull..
Finally we have a VSF section here...