Full Version: F4U-1C model changed?
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Essentially my question is, did any of the flight models change at all in 410?

I just got set up to play 4.10 online this week, it seemed to be an uphill battle just to get everything installed and downloaded correctly...

Anyway, I jumped on the RCAFFB server, it was an anything goes, accept you couldn't change your skins. SO I chose the F4U-1C since I've always been good with the F4U and wanted the 20's to get a first hit kill. I forgot how frustrated it is to have to gun after your kill with eight more guys trying to swoop in and finish it off.

I got engaged with a P-47D at high alt, he climbed up to me, I kept it going up, but eventually I took it into the turning fight. Then I started to stall like crazy. I dived to drop Alt, but no matter what I would do I would stall, stall, stall? Break left... break right... climb... split S down, everything would just cause my wings to loose lift and I would tumble. The '47 took his time to rant at me in chat for being drunk.

The point is I had never had this much trouble flying straight, normally I adjust to each flight model quickly, earlier I used the P-40M and F6F to down a few and had no trouble. I suppose I could of taken a 50 cal to my engine, but I tried to look over my plane and couldn't see any damage.

Did any of the flight models change at all in the new patch? Or do they change when you go online?

Some of the FM's were fixed, but to my knowledge, not the F4's.
Your biggest problem was trying to climb against a P-47D (27 Late).
The P-47 has the same engine as the F4 with the addition of the Turbo Charger, giving it an additional 300-500 HP with WEP.

While the F-4U has good handling from the deck to 15-18k ft. The P-47D excels from 8k ft to 35k ft. It just gets faster the higher it goes.
The F-4U has a VERY nasty stall characteristic with regard to the left wing. As you begin to stall, the left wing dips sharply and snaps over.
If you've sustained any control surface damage, your chances of recovery as severely hampered.



I'll keep an eye on it thanks!