Full Version: UP3 download is out, and is TORRENT available.
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Link to UP3 RC:

Click on UP current release - quick guide left of the home Yellow icon.

Download UP 3.0 RC by clicking the Ultr@Pack 3.0RC Full Torrent blue link, ( at the UP site )... in this texte.

You must have a torrent program to open the file and resume the download:
( uTorrent, or FinalTorrent, et.c. ) open UP 3.0 RC with "torrent program" and start the very large download... ( 6.32 Gb !!!).
The final download contains 16 x files: a DFsever.exe file , UP_3.0RC_Client.part01.exe and 14.rar files.

You may install uTorrent from here:

or at UP click on download uTorrent blue link.

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

IMPORTANT WARNING: this is a preliminary version of UP 3.0 called RC; it is missing all debugs by the users and few features such
as Forgotten Countries; the Full Version of UP 3.0 will follow in a month or so... Idea

ACTIVATION: ... once you have run the installer (...part01.exe) upon 4.10.1m clean, you will have a JSGME yellow G icon on the desktop.
The ONLY way to run your game is by first activating UP3 in JSGME. Then create a shorcut to the new Il2.exe , run and adjust settings
for UP3 accordingly... This part is similar to SAS activator 3.02/3.04b. :!: