Full Version: Arming and Fly button not working.
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I have IL2 patched to 4.10.1 and UP 3 RC installed. UP works fine except for when I go to fly a DF mission locally on my system and on the hyperlobby. The problem is the "arming" and "fly" buttons do not work in DF mode. I have Win7 32 installed.

When I had UP 2.01 installed I never encountered any problems, I posted this problem on the UP homepage site, but no response yet. From doing all the searches, it seems others had a problem similiar to this on UP 2.01, but I don't think any of them referred to the DF mode. I attempted all the fixes I read, but to no avail. I also un-installed and re-installed and still no go. Everything will work fine when I go back to stock IL2.

It's just odd to me that this only occurs in DF mode, no problems in QMB or FMB single missions that I create.


I found the solution. I had to lower the RAM settings in the UP3 settings menu. If anyone else has this issue, that would be the answer. For me at least.