Full Version: UP 3.0 and HSFX 5.0.1
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Question to all. Do you maybe know does UP support HSFX 5.0.1 to be both at same time set. I need UP 3.0 cause of planes and HSFX 5.0. cause of some countries? I tried to via JSGME activator to activate #UP3.0 then HSFX history mod but it doesn't work. Does someone know solution? Thanks


As to your question. UP 3 dose not support any part of HSFX 5.0.1.
So you can not use any part of HSFX 5.0.1 with UP 3.
Hope this helps you. However I think UP 3 will have the added other countries
in it finial release.
OK. Thanks for information !


The answers here are wrong. You can have HSFX5, SASModAct and UP3 all in a single installation.
There is more info in the SAS Mod Act section at SAS. There is a new switcher available to change modes before starting.
My install has HSFX5 and SASModAct 3.04 operating together. If I wanted to add UP3 I would just install it on top of the existing install, as others have already done.