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[Image: 02062011214035.jpg]

Links for English read-me only!
If you want a link for "un lisez moi" go on Histomod forum or email me, I will give you this with a great pleasure.
Don't forget to feed back the bugs, we'll try to resolve them asap!

FIRST BUG CORRECTION on 04 of june at 19h00 Paris time: change
Thank you Histo team am sure it will be great like all you have done. Smile



Cheers LeBig :Smile)

I will download and test out tomorrow :Smile)



Hi Lebig !!!!

VERY NIIIIICE !!! Can't wait to test it !!!!!


EDIT : Are the Paintschemes files the same as the previous versions (for I, II, and III ?) ??? Or do we have to download them another time ???

THANKS FOR THIS AMAZING WORK, May be see you next week at La Ferté, I will be there on Sunday ;o)


No chance for La Ferté for me I will be on Air Force reserve next week.
I will be in St Dizier Air Force Base with EMS and Histo teams for a demo with several machines, several guys and we hope several fans!!
Paintschemes I, II, III are same as previous version, just changed the name. Maps I is also same as previous, only MapsII is new.


Hi Lebig,

How are you ?

First bug report : I can't see those following planes into QMB (they appear into the choice, but are invisible into the Blue box when you choose them):

B 534
S 328
Every 109 early version (B, C and D)
I 15 Type 5 on skis
I 15 Type 6 on skis
G 56
Sm 79
MS500 (2 versions)
Curtiss and Wright 24B
All DXXI versions

By the way, good to see B24D and Yak11 added !!!

I activated into JSGME all 001_xxx Mods first, secondly all 002_xxx Mods, third every 000_xxx Mods as it is written into the read me. I activated 000_Histomod and Zuti at last.
May be I did something wrong ?

But during the game, it is soooooooooooooo cooooooooool ;o)
I really enjoyed to fly Yak 11 ;o)

Thank you first for your hard work, I hope these report will help you ;o)

Have a good Sunday,



I have not that! According to me you try to fly an aircraft wich is not activate by 001 or 002.
ex: G56 SM79 are in 002_Aircrafts_Add_on _Ita.
Next week I will post an explanation of what is inside each folder (I am not at home this next week)


Hi lebig,

first at all: Thank you - and your team - very much for all your hard work and dedication!

A little strange thing happen to me, you may call it a little problem....
V4.6 ist not working at all for me. :-?
I deactivated everything from V4.5 and deleted all the files, then I copied all the files from V4.6 like you wrote....
.... but I'm blind, I did something wrong, I forgot something... Cry
After activating all your files - see the picture:

[Image: jsgme.jpg]

I just have UP2.01.. it seems. All your maps, all the planes, everything just not there....

What in the name of Oleg did I forgot? :roll:

You might have an idea?

Jambo :wink:


Hi Jambo,

I don't know if it will help, here is the mods I activated.

[Image: histoa.jpg]

If I have well read, you activated all the mods (you didn't forget anyone;o), with all 002_Files in a second time.

I activated 000_HISTOMOD and HISTOZUTI at the end as written in ReadMe file.

I don't know if it will help, (but I hope ;o) try to desactivate and reactivate HISTOMO and HISTOZUTI mods at last...

Keep me update, but I know Lebig will check this thread quickly ;o)

Good Luck !!! Viel Erfolg ;o)



Bonjour LeBigTed,

Merci beaucoup for your advice and help! Big Grin

I'll give it a try. Haven't had the time 'til now. Strange thing though... 8)

Jambo :wink:

P.S. I did the same like you did LeBigTed - no success! :-?
I tried a few other things - nothing...


Hi Jambo
try to ckeck if your folders are not in "double" form:
ie 000_HistoMod/000_HistoMod/Files and Mods/ and so on.
the correct form is :000_HistoMod/Files and Mods/ and so on.
This happens when you choose uncompres in "this folder" instead of uncompress "here".
As I can see in the screen shot: don't activate all in the same time, you will have a heavy game, activate only what you need to play: ie Lufwaffe vs RAF : I activate only 001 and 002 about these two forces.
It is mandatory to NOT activate the two maps folders in the same time; choose the maps you want to play with and activate only the concerned folder!
keep me up!


Hi lebig,

thank you very much for your advice! Big Grin

I will try this a.s.a.p.! Might do the trick!? 8)

Jambo 8)


Hi lebig,

WOW! Confusedhock:

I did it all over again, like your advice - and "BANG" it's working!! Big Grin
Just amazing....

Thank you very much, lebig! Big Grin

Only if it is possible I really would like to know whats in these 001 and 002 files - or what is the different ....?
I've got the HistoMod_Cockpits folder and I've got all these 001_AircraftCockpits_JA, etc.. why?
What is the meaning of these 002_ Aircraft_Add.... folders - and these 002_BF_109_add_on etc.. ?
Would be very nice if we might have a little description? Only if your times allows. 8)

Again, thank you lebig and a nice weekend!

Jambo :wink:


Hi Jambo
No problem I will make a small board with the composition of each folder. With this, the gamers can choose wich folder has to be in ativation for the specific theater and forces.
We will have that before the end of the week end.


Inside the V4.6 additional mods:

001 Cockpit Ita: CR42,G50,Mc200,Mc202
002 Add on Ita: Cant1007, Cr32 Quater, G55 from 4.10, Mc205, Re2000, Re 2002, porpeller mod

001 Cockpit Ja: A5m4,B5n2,B6n2, Betty, D3A,J2M, Ki21, Ki27, Ki43,Ki46, Ki84, Ki100, N1K2
002 Add on Ja:A5M4 prop mod, Ki44
002 Zero:Japan cat and Tainan cockpits and aircraft.

001 Cockpit USSR: DB3 and Il4, I15bis from 4.10, I16, La5, laGG3, Pe8, SB2M, SBD, Yak1
002 Add on USSR: Mig3, prop mod

001 Cockpit Luftwaffe: Ar196,Do335, FW (190 and Ta C0 C1),He111, Ju87, Ju88A4,me163, me210, Me321, Me323, Ta152C3 H1
002 Add on Luftwaffe: Ar234b2, Ar234C, D0217 from 4.10, He45, He51, He219, Hs129 from 4.10, Me210, Me262, prop mod
002 Add on Luftwaffe night: Ar234NF, Me262NJ, Me410NJ
002 Bf 109: Compilation of:All Freddy pits, all Sani mod, all Wurcht mod
002 Early Bf 109: Bf 109 B1, B2, C1, D1, D1L
002 Bf110 Add on :All new Bf110 pits

001 Cockpit NL: B339, CW21 from 4.10, DXXI
002 Add on NL:prop mods for buffalo and DXXI

001 Cockpit Ro: AVIA B534, IAR 80 and 81A,
002 Add on RoTonguerop mod B534 and Iar and P24 Ro

001 Cockpit UK: Beau 21, Blenheim 4, Gladiator, Hurri 1,2,6, Seafire, Spitfire, tempest
002 Add on UK:Lanc, Mosquito NF, Mustang Mk1, Spit11, Spit XVI, Wellington, prop mod

001 Cockpit US: Avengers, F4F, F4U, F6F, P38, P39, P40, P63
002 Add on US:A20C, A24B, B24D, F2A, P36,prop mod
002 P 47Add on :Freddy pits
002 P 51Add on :Freddy pits,P51A

002 Add on Fr:Ms500, Ms502, Ms406 Tyrl pit

002 Add on PL: P24, PZL23B, PZL37, PZL42, prop mod
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