Full Version: V4.6 10th and last fix
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Fix1:Some bugs when saving missions with some maps.
Bug with the Polish aircrafts

Fix2: Bad articulation of 002_Aircrafts_Add_on_NL

Fix3: bug on CA27 start up
bug on static ini and objects.

Fix4: supress slats on CA27.

Fix5:Fix the last bugs with CA27
Fix the Bf109E3 and E3B
Back to jpg screenshots.

Erase, reload and reactivate:

Fix6: An Histo week end to try to correct some another bugs:
Corrections for P47D27 and Late in their pits: there is the same bug for P47D27Late with nonefficiency of the battery switch on the hud, expect correction soon (six month I am searching!)
Correction for Sidewinder 3D. I try the Jetera one, and I come back on Freddy one, more realistic (Jetera one is too tiny).
Big corrections on 3D for all Sabre. All are in accordance of their specif for slats, fences, all flying tail.
This work will also correct the inside command for landing lights.

Erase, D/L again, and reactivate:

Fix7: Corrections for CAC27 Avon Sabre 3D and his weapons load.

Erase, D/L again, and reactivate:

Fix8 This should fix AB for AI , and AB sounds.
Tell me if there is an improvement, thanks.

Apologize for the last post, I gave you in advance the Histo from 4.7, this could not working properly
I hope this fix all your problems.
Reload 000_HistoMod.
Apologize again for this misfit.

Fix9: This will fix two bugs:
Doublon on Histo aircrafts for mission builder is fixed.
F6F series opening canopies now!

Reload 000_HistoMod

Fix 10:
V4.6 is less and less "buggy" now.
This will be the last fix for this version (apart if an unknown and non-detected bug want to crash the game!).
You can continue to help us by sending us all bugs encountered, they will be fix for V4.7.
This last fix consists in:
correction for doubled weapon set in certain aircrafts
include the last fix for Westfront map by Gilb57


Thanks to your patience.


Hi lebig,

do you mind if I write here?

I might made an error, I really don't know. I made me a little dogfight map (Korea) for training purposes only, since Version 4.0.
It did worked two days ago - before I downloaded the patches....
After I downloaded and installed your latest patches, I can't choose any aircraft in my dogfight training mission.
The Map is loading, I can choose my airbase, I can't choose a plane - but I can start the mission and then I'm in blue skies...
I just activated the important things and map_I

Do you have an idea?

Jambo :oops:


Hi Jambo
What have you activated and which A/C do you want to fly?


Hi lebig,

you are very fast! Big Grin

In the meantime I just deactivated and deleted all Mods, downloaded your Mods all new again, installed them and activated the important ones...

At first I've got still the same error - no plane. So I tried other Dogfight missions as well - no success.
I tried at least a couple of Missions. Just when I was ready to end HistoMod I started one of the "old" Island Mission for 2 or 4 planes - and there I've got a plane! Confusedhock:

So I started the other Missions again - at the End, my Training Mission. And please don't ask me why - now it's working! I didn't changed anything.
A strange thing might be - when I'm ending a dogfight mission I can start a new and other mission or map again, without leaving or starting the Server.
By the way, I was flying the F86's. Just love this Plane.

So, my very favorite Mod - of all time, is working again and even I don't really know what happen - I'm very glad and happy! Thank you lebig!

Jambo Big Grin


[Image: jsgme02.jpg]

P.S. Hi lebig! I forgot to mention - this link: is not working - 404 error!