Full Version: UP3 Zeros back to stock ones in UP3 or DBW
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As of 25 dec 2011, an UPDATE: see below, for the new SAS subject and a bit more...

Previously on this post: ( ...files SFS uploading in different order to upload older versions of the A6M... ):

While it was good to see the old zeros back and all the old skins fit back on them,...
...unfortunately there was/is a problem with the landing gear, which was unresolved yet.
The UP3 hooks work the landing gear upside down, when applied with the older models.


:mrgreen: an UPDATE:
view post of 21 december 2011: "Stock zeros back to old 3d model with old skins" ... #msg220515
And if needed, JapanCat pack:

NOTE: landing gear problem with JCs planes + wrong folding wings Model21 + need to use JC mod + missing parts Mdl62 and 63 + double weapons offered for JC planes in QBM if JC mod applied.
NOTE: see 3rd post below for using sfs files, revisited... :!:


I have moved this to the Ultra@Pack section as it for UP,



Robhans and I have revamp our june 2011 solution of using existing SFS files for getting the older Zeros back on line...

This is a fast and small mod where you rewrite the order SFS files are loaded and then correct all landing gears by this mod... works

( Only one issue remains: QBM weapons selections is offered twice for JC new Zeros ! ) ( ideas ? ) :| :-?


Enjoy your older zeros skins! And by the way: " Happy New Year everyone !" Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow 2012 Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue

[Image: zero21dec27201151317pm.jpg]
Not so with other mod...