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I down loaded UP 2.01 a few months ago and now I want to install UP. Do I need to delete the Mods and Files flolders before I install or just install over 1946 4.09.


That was made for a clean 4,09m game version.

It won't work however with 4,10m or 4,101m.

The mods you already have will eventually all work with UP2.01, and some will readily function from the start, but any
mod that requires editing an .ini file or a .ru file will require editing to be done again.
NON edited mods will crash you're game at this point.

Also, a lot, a very big lot of those mods might already be inside the 2.01m pack.

So it is better to start from scratch with a clean 4.09m, and figure out what you got, after installing UP2.01, then you transfer or install only mods you are missing.

Too much mods slows down loading you're game, anyway.

Or, just neutralise your old mods: add "-" to MODS, so it is now -MODS. Install UP2.01 and a completely new MODS file, and proceed... transfer + edit one by one
if/when needed... this presumes that you're present "modact/wrapper" will be overwritten completely by UP2.01. If not... bad news...
"Files" are more critical: you may do the same -Files. But you should not put any mods in there anyway, unless advised to do so: this compromise any possible on line playing.

Good luck with it. Smile