Full Version: Updating the Selector.exe for UP3 RC2 +
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- Udating the latest SAS selector.exe for UP3RC2+, and a tiny bit of it's history:

- UP3 RC and SAS Modact 3.02: both introduces the "W/O a window" selector.exe.

- SAS modact 3.06 brings the newer selector.exe with a window ( giving the status of selections ).

- Patch UP3 RC2 then equates and level up it's own selector.exe to that of the SAS one. (+ corrects UP3 known issues ).

The link below leads to LATEST selector.exe to keep it updated at all times: ... 403.0.html

Note: - there are two places where the selector.exe is present: in main game folder and in jsgmemods/#UP#_Enable_UP3.0 file.
- The "enable UP3" swaps the in game selector.exe for it's own, that is when JSGME is used to activate UP3 ( push it to the right...).
- It is best that both of these are the same, or of same level. That is why patched RC2 levelled it's selector to that of SAS 3.06, the latter can be pasted in game folder.
- Therefore, to avoid any mix up of versions it is best to keep both of them updated. However pay attention to the fact that, if you update #UP_Enable_UP3.0 file
as a whole, that is if you do not only change the selector.exe in it, you are also changing the files.sfs it contains. Files.sfs is the MAIN file responsible for enabling
the mods in sfs format for one or the other of the game versions: stockgame, classic mod game, sas modact3, Ultrapact3 and now even DBW 1! In other words,
each of these game versions has it's own files.sfs, before any other kind of specific individualities ( such as #UP# dedicated files, #SAS dedicated files et.c ).

I recommend you deactivate UP3 when you make any of the above changes.

( with all the file movements, "right to left and left to right" as BOOMER pointed out, you will soon otherwise loose track of what exactly it is you are updating ).