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Hello, i am currently trying to put on the uraniam effect mod, but in its readme it says put in the MODS folder, but when i looked for it i dont have one, only the jsgmemods folder, can anyone tell me how to get the MODS folder, and how to activate it?
The mods folder does not exist, you should create it in the root game folder, for example:
C:\Ubisoft\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946\MODS

And you copy uraniam effect mod folder and paste it into the mods folder.


Okay, i did that but the mod isent takeing effect?
What version of the game are you trying to use?
4.10.1------UP-3 RC2-------HSFX 5.0.1 ?


With your download of UP -3 there is one more folder called.

#UP# Sample folder. Inside that is one more called. #UP#.
Copy that #UP# folder into your main game folder and copy your mod to that folder.#UP#.
Then it should work.
With the new UP ---> #UP#
[quote="skyomish"]With the new UP ---> #UP#


Ok i have found that folder, but i cant open it because its a rar file?
Here get the 32 or 64 which ever you need. ... %3DWindows


Thank you i have the mods on now.


Good day, guys

I moved this to the UltraPack forum and made it a Sticky Topic temporarily.




can sombody please show how the file structure is inside the #UP# folder. Is it for example #UP#/plutonium....? It would be very nice if somebody could show me.

Greetings Ace
Plutonium is not compatible with UP 3.0, but I'll use it as an example.
The folder name that has the mod does not matter, but it is very important the internal names and the structure.
The structure of folders would be the following:

C:\Ubisoft\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 UP 3.0\#UP#\0_0_Plutonium_Universal_Max_Effects_V1

And into the "0_0_Plutonium_Universal_Max_Effects_V1" folder:

[Image: modhf.jpg]


Thank you very much for your answer.
I try it this way with another mod but it only works when i copy the interieur into the #UP# folder. But then I can t see what mods I have installed.
I mean here as an example the 3do folder and the effects folder is direct in #UP# without the plutonium folder.

Greetings Ace


I put uranium effects mod into #UP# and start my game, So I'm like YAAY IT WORKZ THANK YOU AAS! then I go to quick battle, and when the game reaches 30% loaded, My game says "lolnoscrewu" and crashes.... 'n' I'm like D:< so can anyone help me with this?
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