Full Version: IL2 Helicopter (un)Stability in UI3.0
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I've now a HSFX 5 and UI 3.0 IL2 install.

Unfortunately the helicopters will not work in my HSFX install, but I recently got to fly them on UI 3.0.

Here is my question: Are they supposed to be so unstable that they flick in a 90 degree roll and back instantly? Its so common and so forceful it makes them really unflyable. Can I do something to fix this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've always wanted to incorporate them into a KTO Campaign.


That is because you are going over the helicopter speed limit! Fly slowly, or you could get a ticket.


So.... For example, the Bell has its tail broken off when you fly over 40 mph. Is this a bug on my system with the FM and 3.0? Or are we never meant to take the Bell over 40 mph?